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Winnipeg 2018 Workshops




Take a look at the awesome workshops held for #PPW2018


Emergency Triage

Emergency Triage is a revamp of the Project Pulse Winnipeg 2016 Triage workshop where students will learn about the procedures used to prioritize patients during a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). This workshop will include a Kahoot-style quiz in which students have the chance to win prizes.

UofW Let's Talk Science- Let's Talk Cancer

Let’s Talk Cancer is a workshop that explores the concept of cancer in terms of its hallmarks and treatments. There are situational activities where the students work through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer like a physician would. It also introduces students to topics such as gene expression.



UofW Let's Talk Science- Lung health and Air Quality

In this activity, students will learn about the implications of polluted air and tobacco on the lungs and be able to build a lung model.

University of Manitoba Let's Talk Science- DNA


Explore genetics! Activities include DNA 101, DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis. What is molecular biology? In this activity, students will learn how molecular biology is used in various fields as well as perform important lab techniques such as pipetting and loading a gel. This workshop will comprise of two stations on molecular biology: agarose gel electrophoresis and DNA extraction. To do the electrophoresis, we need to be able to extract DNA first! We will then load the samples into a gel so that the DNA size can be determined and analyzed.