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Winnipeg 2018 Executive Team


Emily Green



Winnica Beltrano

Executive Director & Founder, Principal Advisor


Emily is a full IB student at Kelvin High School, has a fierce passion for biomedical engineering, and is interested in the communicative elements between the sciences and literary aspects of academic life. Throughout her school career, Emily has participated in multiple divisional and provincial science fairs, earning her recognition and scholarships from the University of Manitoba, as well as being an active member of the International Student-Led Arctic Monitoring and Research program at Kelvin.

Emily has finished her past five years of schooling with a cumulative average earning her a Magna Cum Laude certification, and has received special awards in the advanced sciences in addition to gaining an apprenticeship with Government Canada in the environmental science sector. In her spare time, Emily is also one of the editors of her school newspaper, the Kelvin Paperclip, and is involved in several other school organizations (such as Student Council and the Indigenous Student Reading Group). She plans to work alongside local politicians in her following high school years to support grassroots charities which promote women in the international scientific community.

Her combined fascination with the world of science and current politics allows for a well rounded understanding of modern practices. She looks forward to creating a diverse and exciting environment for Project Pulse this year, involving interactive elements and enhancing the gateway between a keen interest in the health sciences and an adulthood immersed in such. She is also very eager to attend Project Pulse for her second year in a row, after being fortunate enough to attend as an ambassador last year.

In the future, Emily hopes to complete a Bachelor of Sciences degree double majoring in immunology and biotechnology at either McGill or Oxford University.











Winnica is a second year student at the University of Calgary who loves keeping herself busy with the world around her. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biomedical Sciences, Winnica finds enjoyment in exploring different regions of Canada, while critically thinking about how her education can be utilized to make a meaningful impact in the surrounding community. Winnica’s greatest passions reside in the interplay between leadership, science literacy, and advocacy for underrepresented youth. To this end, she is a volunteer for Let’s Talk Science, University of Calgary’s Children’s Health Advocates club and Student Advisory Council. In 2015, Winnica developed a manual for a “tractography” program that is currently being used in research labs at the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Some of her most memorable experiences include presenting this manual at the Canada-wide Science Fair, participating in SHAD, and delivering a keynote address at Manitoba's International Day of the Girl Event. She is also looking forward to serving as a panelist at the 2017 Canadian Science Policy Conference, advocating for increased gender equality in the STEM field. Winnica was also honoured with the 2016 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame scholarship and 2017 Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, which greatly reinforced her aspirations to pursue a career in healthcare and health research, while advocating for increased educational resources for youth. In her spare time, Winnica enjoys singing, running, and playing Tetris. As the past president and founder of Project Pulse Winnipeg, Winnica is looking forward to helping the 2018 team take the third conference to new heights!

Janessa Morin

Principal Advisor

Janessa is in her first year of the Neuroscience program at the University of Alberta, happy to be studying something she is passionate about.

Although, currently a couple provinces away, Janessa will always cherish the ties she has in the Winnipeg community after years of tutoring, coaching, teaching, acting, making music, playing sports and volunteering around her hometown. She plans to use the skills she has developed throughout the past 18 years to continue being an active citizen on her campus and in Edmonton.

Janessa looks forward to a future in neuroscience, with specific interests in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience. Psychiatry, especially child and adolescent psychiatry, is a career path she hopes to follow.

This is Janessa's third year on the Project Pulse Winnipeg team, after acting as Logistics Director in 2016 and President in 2017. She is thrilled to be able to keep contributing to an organization so close to her heart.

Janessa’s favourite part about Project Pulse is by far the connections made possible through the organization. She encourages everyone, whether a participant, ambassador or executive member, to get to know as many people as possible throughout the process. Janessa is looking forward to the opportunity to do just that – continue connecting with every member of the Project Pulse Winnipeg family.


Harsimran Kaur

Professional Panel Director


Sukhcharhat Dhillon

Professional Panel Director


Von Jamora

Marketing & Outreach Director

Ruolin Zhang

Marketing & Outreach Director


Guneet Uppal

Sponsorship & Finance Director


Simran Saroya

Sponsorship & Finance Director


Alandra Barairo

Events Director


Sam Generoso

Events Director


Anmol Mann

Logistics Director


Harsimran Kaur is a second year University student who loves to explore and learn different aspects of health sciences. She came to Canada as an immigrant at a young age and grew learning that diversity in the community helps us create strong bonds. Harsimran has always been interested in the health sciences and is now pursuing a Bachelor of science degree. She loves to research and participate in organizations that provide help to individuals around her. Currently, she volunteers at the Seven Oaks Hospital, helping patients in their harsh days and also with Let’s talk Science to introduce young children to the wonders of science.

Harsimran not only enjoys being active in the community but also likes to keep herself physically fit. She loves to swim and in future will train to become a lifeguard. Furthermore, she participated in the Commit to get fit run at the Wellness institute to create awareness for healthy living in the community. She also loves to draw, read and spend time with her family. Harsimran enjoys to meet new people and strongly believes that every individual is filled with multitudes of knowledge and experiences, and by teaching each other we would create a better world for everyone. Being kind and sharing knowledge is important and non-profit associations as the Project Pulse helps her achieve this goal.

Harsimran believes that the Project Pulse is very important to help students see what an exciting experience a career in health sciences entails. She is eager to participate this year as a professional panel director, however she has experienced this conference as a participant and also as the graphic designer for Project Pulse 2017.  With the experiences of her fellow executive team members, she would like to make this conference knowledgeable and memorable for the participants this year.









Sukhcharhat is a grade 12 student at St. John’s Ravenscourt School who constantly strives to excel in every field that he is involved in. In 2017, Sukhcharhat was introduced to Project Pulse by a friend and decided to join as an Ambassador... after an incredible experience, he is now tremendously excited to return as 2018’s Professional Panel Director! Sukhcharhat values the exposure one may gain from participating in every way possible within one’s community, so he does his best to remain engaged. In particular, this is why he is so proud to have joined the Project Pulse Winnipeg Executive Team. While the Health Sciences do not particularly represent the career path that Sukhcharhat intends to pursue, he strongly believes in the merit of understanding and appreciating this unique sector as it has a direct impact on all citizens on Canada in their daily lives. So regardless of whether or not you intend on joining the HealthCare industry, Sukhcharhat would like to remind all youth in Winnipeg that we shall never know what our futures entail nor which experiences shall prove be fundamental along your individual paths. Therefore, he encourages all to attend Project Pulse 2018 with an open mind and desire to learn as he himself has done. Aside from Project Pulse, Sukhcharhat is a committed member/leader of various other youth organizations which revolve around his talents and passions for Public Speaking, Athletics, Academics, Aviation and Community Service. Sukhcharhat is very interested in Politics and Law and aspires to one day represent Canada through the mechanisms of Diplomacy and International Relations. He is very much looking forward to this year’s conference and hopes that he will have the chance to personally meet with those who choose to attend...If he’s not busy wrangling the Professional Panelists the whole time!










Von is a grade 12 student attending Sisler High School, and will be serving as the Marketing and Outreach Director for his second year on the Project Pulse Executive Team. Von is a versatile person by bringing in experience working on many student groups, and sports teams. Such groups include Sisler Combats Mental Illness and Free The Children; some sports teams include Sisler football, track and field, cross country teams, and Sisler's Most Wanted dance team. Beyond school, Von loves to volunteer. He is a member of St. Peter's Youth Apostolate, St. John's Ambulance, 170 St. James Royal Air Cadets, and was honored to have volunteered for the 2017 Canada Summer Games. Von's interest in health sciences and passion for others has lead him to aspire to be a physician with the Canadian Military. This goal stems from his involvement with Project Pulse which has inspired him to tie his passions for the cadet program with his desire to help others in the health sciences field. As a result, Von has returned to Project Pulse to ensure more students who share his interests and passions find their dream careers. During his free time, he likes to watch House of Cards, dance, and go for runs.











Ruolin is a grade 12 student at Balmoral Hall School. From a young age, her curiosity has sparked her passion for learning. With an enthusiastic interest in the STEM fields, Ruolin makes a conscious effort to consistently seek out enrichment opportunities. In summer 2016, she was selected to participate in the STEM summer program, SHAD, which greatly reinforced her aspirations to pursue a career in the sciences. Later, she has also participated in University of Toronto’s Medical Youth Summer Program and McGill University’s Summer Academy in neuroscience. These experiences along with many others have all contributed in her academic achievements, which include placing top 20% in Cayley math contest from the University of Waterloo and being recognized for Top Performance in AP Chemistry at Balmoral Hall School.

Besides academics, she is an active member of the school and the community. As a part of the John Dobson Entrepreneurship Cup winning project HexaGro, a youth-led enterprise that strives to fight against food insecurity in northern Canada, Ruolin demonstrates her dedication, perseverance and her ability in tackling real-life issues. In school, she is on the student council, president of the Green Club, a soloist in both her senior school choir and vocal jazz ensemble. In her spare time, Ruolin enjoys travelling, photography and discovering good ice cream shops.

For her, Project Pulse is a wonderful way to deepen one’s understanding of the health sciences by networking with the professionals and connecting with other like-minded students. Through Project Pulse, Ruolin hopes to provide an opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the fascinating world of healthcare and medicine. She is very excited to be your Marketing Director and to make Project Pulse Winnipeg 2018 a conference you do not want to miss!  










Guneet is currently a grade 11 student enrolled in the Advanced Program at Sisler High School. Her favorite subjects include Physics, Calculus, and Chemistry. She has recently participated in SHAD at the University of Calgary, and is also working at the University of Winnipeg as a Summer Research Intern in the Applied Computer Science and NMR laboratory. Guneet tries to be involved in her school community by performing in various activities and joining school groups such as Sisler Science Squad, Overseas Educational Fund, and Psychology Club. In addition to regularly contributing to the school newspaper, she also participates in various inter-school online debates and poetry slams to extend her public speaking and creativity skills to an audience. In the past, she has participated in various science fairs, including WSD1 and MSSS, and Math competitions such as the University of Waterloo’s Pascal and Cayley Contests. Also, she has successfully completed the Bronze and Silver Levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award and is currently working on the Gold Level. Additionally, she is a member of the Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track teams and Concert Band at her school. She has volunteered at the Fred Douglas Lodge in recreational and Meals wing and is also a weekly recycler as a part of her school’s Sustainability Circle.

In her free time, Guneet likes to spend time with her family, paint, read and socialize; She also enjoys going for a run and staying active. She has always been interested in the field of Health Sciences and is considering a career related to oncology and cancer research. She hopes that by means of Project Pulse, she will explore and learn about other career options that the Health Sciences have to offer, while also giving the same opportunity to other students like her!










Simran is a second year student at University of Manitoba completing her undergraduate studies in the Bachelor of Science program. Simran, along with her co-leaders founded and runs Manitoba International Bridging Society, a student group that hopes to help students transition into university smoothly by holding various events and providing them any assistance they require. She volunteers with the elderly at the Health Sciences Centre. Simran is also a volunteer with Let’s Talk Science and Variety, a Children’s Charity, and a member of Sikh Student’s Association. She has received the Bronze level award for Duke of Edinburgh and is currently working on the Silver Level and plans on achieving the Gold Level as well. Simran completed high school in the Advanced Placement program while participating in Science Fairs multiple times.


During her free time, she enjoys reading, travelling, spending time with her friends and family while trying new desserts. She loves giving back to her community by donating blood regularly and by being registered for stem cell donation in hopes of matching with a person in need. She tries to stay close to her culture by learning traditional music.


Simran being the first person in her family aspiring to get into medicine had very little connections with anyone in the field and did not know if this was the path for her although she has always been intrigued by the life sciences. Participating in Project Pulse Winnipeg for the past two years has helped her gain a lot of insight on the day to day experience of different careers in medicine and hearing the rewarding experiences of the panelists has made her confident in her decision to work in the field. She wants other students to experience the knowledgeable atmosphere and help them discover the field like she did.








Alandra Barairo is a grade 11 student currently enrolled in the Advanced Placement program at Sisler High School. She has a passion for learning and finds herself enjoying her Latin and math classes the most. Alandra tries to be involved with her community by volunteering at the Health Sciences Centre. She is also involved in her school’s community as a member of Sisler’s Political Youth and Debate club and WE group. Apart from that, she has participated in various science fair competitions and math contests. When Alandra is not studying or working, she likes to listen to music, read, work out and paint.

Alandra is excited to attend Project Pulse Winnipeg’s conference for the third time in a row. Not only is this her third year attending, it is her second year apart of the executive team as Events Director. During the first Winnipeg conference, Alandra participated as an ambassador and from that experience she joined the executive team. With her love of learning, she decided to use Project Pulse as a way to learn more about the health science field. Not only does she think that Project Pulse is a great way to learn about different career paths, but also a great way to meet professionals and students from around the city. She hopes that other students who also attend the 2018 conference will be able to connect with other like-minded students and come out with a better understanding of the health science field. After experiencing the conference as both a participant and team member, she hopes to use her experiences to make the 2018 conference a success.  










Sam Austin Generoso is a grade 12 student currently enrolled in Kelvin High School’s International Baccalaureate program. He has grown to love learning, especially Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Sam has continued to volunteer at the NEEDS Centre and loves helping fellow students with schoolwork. Sam has been part of Kellavoration since last year, which is Kelvin High’s dance group, and is seeking to grow skills for dance in the possible future. He loves testing his brain knowledge by taking math contests and just doing research in general. Sam co-organized Kelvin’s first Cultural Event that happened in November of 2016 which raised over $1,300 for United Way Winnipeg. Whenever Sam is not studying for school or continuously learning piano, he likes to bake, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Sam is very happy to attend Project Pulse for the third year this upcoming 2018. Sam has attended both years as a participant and is glad to be able to help Project Pulse’s Executive Committee this year as Events Director. With his love of learning Biology and Chemistry, Sam has used the past two years as learning experiences that would help him in his goal of acquiring a health science profession, specifically as either a Cardiologist or a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Sam believes that Project Pulse would help students to learn the different professions that the health sciences contain, and as well as the people whom are part of this group. Using his experience from co-organizing a Cultural Event, Sam hopes to attract more students to this event, interest their minds in the health science field and make it an even greater success of an event than it already has been.











Anmol Mann is in her second year of Bachelor of Science at the University of Manitoba, and is thrilled to be joining Project Pulse Winnipeg for the very first time. She has always been interested in a career in health sciences, and by the means of this conference, Anmol hopes to help others in also pursuing that interest. Anmol loves to keep herself occupied and involved in the community; she volunteers in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the Health Sciences Centre, and is on campus, the Events Coordinator for Shinerama, a national organization that funds for Cystic Fibrosis. She also holds a seat on the University of Manitoba’s Student Union (UMSU) Member Services Committee. As the recipient of the Tallman Foundation Scholarship, Anmol has earned herself a fully funded bachelor degree.  This summer, Anmol had the opportunity of working with optometrists at the Steinbach Professional Eyecare to gain skills and experience needed for her to pursue a career in Optometry.

Anmol continuously strives to challenge and push herself, so that with each passing year, she can be a step closer to her goals - and also help others in being closer to theirs.  





Hannah Exner

Graphics Designer