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Winnipeg 2017 University Panel


Lucas Vasas





Lucas is a second year medical student at the University of Manitoba. He entered directly into the U of M’s Faculty of Science from high school, and completed a three year BSc. general degree, focusing in Biology and Chemistry, with electives in Psychology. One of his favorite courses in undergrad was “Behavioural Neuroscience”, which drew connections between the brain’s anatomy and human behaviour. Lucas hopes to become a Neurosurgeon, due to his interests in hands-on procedures and the mysteries of the brain. Lucas is also interested in medical education. He is currently working on research in this field, and intends on being involved in teaching medical students and residents in the future. Throughout his undergraduate degree and even during medical school, Lucas has continued to work as a lifeguard and water safety instructor as well as in coaching fencing, a sport he competed in for 10 years. Outside of school and work, Lucas enjoys staying active, writing music, and playing board games.

Sheena Manghera

Sheena completed a BSc and MSc at the University of Winnipeg before continuing her doctoral research under the supervision of Dr. Renée Douville in the department of immunology at the University of Manitoba. Her research looks closely at how pieces of human DNA made up of retroviral genomes (called endogenous retroviruses) are activated to produce functional viral proteins in brain cells and how these endogenous retroviruses contribute to neuropathology in ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Sheena has a strong record of outstanding academic performance, community leadership and incredible research productivity. She is the author of seven articles in high impact journals. She has been honoured with an extensive list of academic awards and scholarships, including the Governor General’s Gold Medal in 2015. She is one of the four U of M students to receive the 2016 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship!

Ketan Bansal


Ketan is a first year dental student who completed three years of undergrad before being admitted into the College of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba.  He focused on science related courses but ventured into some business courses as well during undergrad, as both science and business are what led him to choose the career path of being a Dentist.  In his spare time, Ketan likes to flip cars and play basketball, spending the majority of his time working with youth both on and off the court.  He hopes that his experience working with the next generation will be a beneficial addition to the Project Pulse Winnipeg university panel.

Miral Ahmed


Miral is a fourth year Kinesiology and Recreation Management student at the University of Manitoba. She has experience in athletic rehabilitation through her time in the Athletic therapy program and is currently on route to pursuing a master in Occupational Therapy. Through her passion for her field, she has had multiple roles within the faculty (such as representation in student government) and her community through volunteering at healthcare and recreational facilities around the city such as St. Amant, Canadian Blood Services and Victoria General Hospital. Miral is also a research assistant within the FKRM. She has been working on a study which “aims to characterize the spatial distribution of muscle activation in the different subdivisions of the trapezius muscle (Upper, middle and lower trapezius; UT, MT, LT).” She has also had experience with surgical interventions and optimal rehabilitation intervention methods for carpel tunnel syndrome. Her goal is to be able to turn her career into an opportunity to travel the world and help provide healthcare to underprivileged populations. She has many hobbies but mostly likes to spend her time outdoors, hunting for good coffee spots, avoiding geese in parks (and university) and enjoying time with family and friends.

Iqra Tariq




Iqra Tariq is a first year student at the University of Manitoba taking pre-pharmacy requisites and sciences. A passionate learner and Balmoral Hall alumna, Iqra participated in provincial science fairs for the majority of her schooling and was a nationals finalist last year. She was mentored at the University of Winnipeg in the Department of Chemistry where she researched a path to alternative drug discovery against bacteria, fungi, and in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Iqra is the Interactive Campaign Coordinator at the Foundation for Student Science and Technology and is a committee member of the Manitoba School's Science Symposium.