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Winnipeg 2017 Executive Team

Project pulse Winnipeg 2017 executive team

Janessa Morin


Winnica Beltrano

Executive Director & Founder, Principal Advisor



Janessa, a grade 12 student at Collège Béliveau, is a self-proclaimed science enthusiast. Academically, she enjoys Biology and Math the most, and her curiosity in these subjects was only enhanced when she attended SHAD in 2015. Although she has a true passion for the sciences, both Drama and Band are equal to any other subject in enjoyment for her. Outside of class, Janessa likes to remain involved in her school and community. She has held various volunteer roles, such as a sound technician, volleyball coach, tutor and more, as well as being a school ambassador and a member of the grad committee. Music is a big part of her life; she enjoys playing the guitar, ukulele, tuba, trombone and harmonica, and has acted in Collège Béliveau’s musical for two years. Folk music, photography, reading, coffee and softball take up a large portion of Janessa’s free time. In the future, Janessa aspires to study and pursue a career in neuroscience. A desire to help people and an eagerness to learn sparked her interest in the health sciences. Janessa is thrilled to return to the Project Pulse Winnipeg Team as President after acting as Logistics Director last year. She is looking forward to working with her team to create an informative conference that will inspire and educate students about the possibilities in the field of health sciences!













Winnica is a first year student at the University of Calgary who loves keeping herself busy with the world around her. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biomedical Sciences, Winnica finds enjoyment in exploring different regions of Canada, while critically thinking about how her education can be utilized to make a meaningful impact in the surrounding community. For the 2016/17 academic year, Winnica is the Health Science representative for University of Calgary's First Year Council, and is also a member of Let’s Talk Science and Children’s Health Advocates at the university. In 2015, Winnica developed a manual for a “tractography” program that is currently being used in research labs at the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Some of her most memorable experiences include presenting this manual at the Canada-wide Science Fair, participating in SHAD, and interviewing for the QuARMS program, where she was continually inspired by the exciting feats achieved by the many amazing and compassionate students across Canada. Winnica was also honoured with the 2016 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame scholarship, which greatly reinforced her aspirations to pursue a career in healthcare. In her spare time, Winnica enjoys singing, running, and playing Tetris. Although she is tackling post-secondary education outside her hometown of Winnipeg, MB, Winnica is excited to be continuing her health science advocacy in Calgary after her founding role as President of Project Pulse Winnipeg in 2016! She is looking forward to immersing herself in the foreign, but vibrant community that is Calgary, while advising the 2017 Winnipeg team for another exciting event!


Rachel Berger-Viflanzoff

Logistics Director




Rachel is a grade 12 student currently enrolled in Kelvin High School’s International Baccalaureate program. She enjoys being academically challenged, especially in her favourite course, mathematics. Rachel is currently taking IB standard level math and is a graduate of the Spirit of Math Schools program. She hopes that her analytical abilities will help her to perform well in her role as the logistics director for this year’s Project Pulse conference. When she isn’t crunching numbers Rachel can be extremely sociable; as a returning member of the Project Pulse Executive Team, Rachel knows that the thing she is most excited for at this year’s conference is the opportunity to meet and talk with other passionate young people. Rachel found last year’s participants to be entirely inspiring in their intellect, their curiosity, and in the steps many of them had already taken to become involved in the world of health sciences. Rachel hopes to someday become a mathematics professor and share her passion for numbers with her students; there is nothing Rachel loves more than the feeling of community that can be evoked through a shared intellectual passion, and it is this sense of community that she hopes to help students find through participating in Project Pulse Winnipeg.


Evan Chan

Financial Director


Von Jamora

Marketing & Outreach Director

Guneet Uppal

Sponsorship Director

Justin Lin

Professional Panel Director

Tooba Razi

University Panel Director

Alandra Barairo

Events Director

Hannah Exner

Graphics Designer

Harsimran Kaur

Graphics Designer



Evan is enrolled in the grade 10 AP program at Grant Park High School. At school, he enjoys all courses and is a member of many clubs such as Green environmental team. As a leader, Evan was the VP of health and safety for a youth initiated company, "C-Spray". He is also the selected treasurer for Sustainable Youth Canada, Winnipeg Sector. Following his passion for sciences, Evan has presented a speech to the city council of Winnipeg, on why they should implement a composting system. He has also conducted a research project and was selected to represent Manitoba at the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2016. Evan is also involved in many other programs in his community. He is a Sergeant in the RCAC program and has been selected to participate in summer training nationally from Alberta to Quebec. While being involved in many programs, Evan enjoys music has played in a dozen of bands ranging from marching, jazz to concert, and playing piano from RCM. In sports, Evan Chan enjoys playing badminton and running varsity cross country. As Project Pulse progresses, Evan believes that the organization will help inspire and motivate youth across Canada.











Von is currently enrolled as a grade 11 student at Sisler High School. He has a strong interest for all academic courses, ranging from math courses to elective courses like biology and physics. He has a fervent passion to learn, and a ceaseless curiosity to understand how things work. For these characteristics and more, he earns success in the many activities he participates in. He is a member of numerous school clubs like Debate Club, Global Medical Aid group, and Sisler's Sustainability group. Alongside academics, Von enjoys participating in many sport teams. He has a strong background in athletics, being part of Sisler's Cross Country, Track and Field, and junior varsity and varsity Football teams. Playing sports and living an active lifestyle is very important to him. Other ways he enjoys staying active and fit is through dancing. Von has been dancing most of his life, beginning at the age of four! He has been a dancer for a Philippine folk dance group that has performed locally around Winnipeg, and even internationally at places in U.S.A. and Mexico! Von is now also a proud member of Sisler's own dance group, Sisler's Most Wanted.

Outside of school, Von is a senior cadet of the 170 St. James Cadet Squadron. At the rank of Sargeant, and being a level 5 gives him seniority, and thus, many responsibilities. Through cadets is he able to learn and apply many teaching and leadership skills. Besides cadets, Von loves to volunteer outside of school. Some events he's helped out with are Teddy Bear's Picnic, and the Manitoba Spartan Race held in Grunthal, Manitoba back in July. However, his favourite place to spend his time is at church.  Von intends pursue a path in medicine. Helping people and learning and caring for their mental and physical health is a desire of his, and he's hoping one day to make a career of that. Von is greatly excited to be onboard with Project Pulse this year. He believes this organization provides an excellent bridge to connect the many youth of Winnipeg, whom share his interests and passions in the health sciences.










Guneet is a grade 10 student enrolled in the Advanced Program at Sisler High School. Her favorite subjects include Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Biology. Guneet tries to be involved in her school community by performing in various activities and joining school groups such as Sisler Science Squad, Overseas Educational Fund, and Psychology Club. In addition to regularly contributing to the school newspaper, she also participates in various inter-school online debates and poetry slams to extend her public speaking and creativity skills to an audience. In the past, she has participated in various science fairs and math competitions, such as University of Waterloo’s Pascal Contest. Also, she has successfully completed the Bronze Level of the Duke of Edinburgh award and plans on continuing onto the Silver Level in the future. Additionally, she is a member of the JV Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track teams and Concert Band at her school. She has volunteered at the Fred Douglas Lodge in recreational and Meals wing and is also a weekly recycler as a part of her school’s Sustainability Circle. In her free time, Guneet likes to spend time with her family, paint, read and socialize; She also enjoys going for a run and staying active. She has always been interested in the field of Health Sciences and is considering a career related to oncology and cancer research. She hopes that by means of Project Pulse, she will explore and learn about other options that the Health Sciences have to offer, while also giving the same opportunity to other students like her!










Justin is a a grade 12 student at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School who enjoys challenging himself. For example, he is currently taking a full AP course load.  Justin enjoys all of his courses, especially science and mathematics.  In his spare time, Justin is heavily involved in science fair, volunteering, sports, debating and piano.  Justin has completed two science fair projects in cardiovascular research, with both receiving a bronze medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.  His research findings led him to publish a peer-reviewed paper as second author.  In terms of community service, Justin is the co-chair of the SJR Youth in Philanthropy committee; chair of a group of student musicians called Music in Us, which performs classical music at senior homes; co-chair of Project Debate, which teaches the fundamentals of parliamentary debating to Grade 7 and 8 students; and founder of STEM Club in SJR Middle School, a club for Grade 6-8 students designed to ignite an interest in STEM fields.  Justin is also a member of his school’s Community Service club, a peer tutor and a part of Junior Achievement.  Outside of school, Justin volunteers at organizations such as Golden Door Geriatric Centre and the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba.  Additionally, he is a member of the SJR Varsity ultimate and basketball teams.  Justin is a passionate debater and has competed in multiple national level debating tournaments, in addition to being in the diploma level for piano.












Tooba is a Grade 11 Student at Fort Richmond Collegiate. Tooba enjoys the subjects of chemistry and biology most, but also enjoys mathematics and the arts. Academics aside, she also likes bettering herself through involvement in the community and volunteer work . She is on her school's student council, yearbook committee, Youth in Philanthropy group, is a part of FRC's street shop, and is a Peer Tutor. Outside of school, Tooba is the Social Media Manager for The Foundation of Student Science and Technology, Volunteer at the Health Sciences Center, and spends her free time researching at the University of Winnipeg. She also enjoys painting, drawing, reading, and baking in her leisure. Her passion for the sciences was ignited at a very young age, and is one she still carries today. Tooba has been a winner of numerous science and math related awards, including being a finalist at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical sciences, most specifically being in the area of cardiovascular surgery. Through Project Pulse, Tooba is excited to collaborate with fellow executive team members to organize and create an event that has the potential and magnitude to inspire students, and show them the amazing wonders the health sciences hold.













Alandra is a grade 10 student enrolled in Sisler High School’s Advanced Placement Program. Currently, her favourite classes are Math and Latin. She is a member of her school’s Sustainability Circle, Free The Children Group, Political Youth Group, and Debate Club. Alandra also volunteers at the Health Sciences Centre. She likes to read, play the piano and take care of her dog in her spare time. After participating in science fair and St. Boniface’s YouthBIOlab, her interests in the health sciences field grew. Her newfound interest lead to her attending the 2016 Project Pulse conference, which helped grow her appreciation and interest in the health sciences. Through her involvement in Project Pulse, she hopes to explore and learn more about the field of health sciences.
















Hannah is a grade 12 student attending Kelvin High School enrolled in the International Baccalaureate diploma program. She is currently captivated by science in and out of school, with her favourite subjects being chemistry and physics. She is active long standing member of Kelvin's Youth in Philanthropy, Environmental Action Committee and the school newspaper. In her free time she takes time to be active, weather it be with her soccer team or on her bicycle, also enjoying creative outlets such as drawing and playing piano. Hannah aspires to continue her interest of the sciences into post-secondary and later into a future career.

Hannah hopes her technical ability and love of the arts helps her in her role as the graphic designer this year, through creating website graphics or t-shirt. Hannah has a great fascination with the health sciences which she hopes to share with this years participants. As a returning member from the previous year, she hopes this year's conference will be even more a success with the feedback and experience from the last.













Harsimran is a first year student at University of Manitoba. She completed high school in the advanced placement program. She loves to learn and gain new experiences. Harsimran loves to give back to the community by volunteering and is very good at handling multiple tasks at a time. She wants to pursue a career in medicine and has already taken the first step towards this goal by beginning her undergraduate studies to complete a Bachelor of Science Honours in 2020.

Harsimran loves to draw and also enjoys using photoshop to transform her work into creative digital designs. In her high school years, she completed many courses related to graphic designing and digital media. Creating new designs is her hobby but her passion relies in the health sciences. Harsimran believes that the Project Pulse is very important to help students see what an exciting experience a career in health sciences entails. She is very pleased to be part of Project Pulse 2017 and wants to create new memories and great experience for all the participants this year.