Find Your Pulse


Winnipeg 2016 Executive Team

Winnica Beltrano 

Founder & President



Winnica is a grade 12 student enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program at Sisler High School. Academically, her favourite classes include Biology, Math, and Chemistry. Currently, she is taking several courses at the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba, including Calculus and English. Her interest in the sciences sparked when she began volunteering for the Let’s Talk Science Program in 2013. Since then, her natural curiosity has allowed her to foster a love for participating in science fairs throughout her high school career.

Winnica has a strong passion for taking on leadership roles: she is Editor-in-Chief of Sisler’s school newspaper, Clarinet Section Leader of her school’s band, and Head of Waste Reduction for Sisler’s Sustainability Circle. She is also a member of student council and has ran competitively with her school’s cross country team for the past three seasons. Winnica is a member of United Way’s Youth United Leadership Committee, participated in the SHAD 2015 program, and enjoys peer tutoring math and volunteering at the local hospital in her spare time. Her favourite hobbies include singing, playing Tetris, and baking.

Winnica aspires to become a physician scientist in the future, particularly in the field of neuroscience. She is looking forward to bringing the first Project Pulse conference to Winnipeg with her team, as she truly sees this event as one that will inspire students to pursue a fulfilling path in the field of health sciences!

Amaanat Gill

University Panel Director


Amaanat is a grade 12 student at Dakota Collegiate. Her favourite subjects in school are Chemistry, Biology, and English. Amaanat is currently serving as co-chair of her school's Youth in Philanthropy club, a committee she has been dedicated to for the past two years. She has also been involved in her school's Hamper committee, Black and Gold Society, Field Hockey, Choral Program, Peer Tutoring, and has done volunteer work at the River Park Garden's Personal Care Home. Some of her favourite activities include reading, baking, and traveling. Amanaat also took part in the 2015 SHAD program and is currently interested in pursuing a career in the field of health sciences. She is eager to aid others with the same goal through the Project Pulse Winnipeg Conference.



Philip Kawalec & Rachel Berger-Viflanzoff 

Professional Panel Directors

Philip is a grade 12 student at Sisler High School currently enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program. He loves challenging himself in both the school setting and in the community. In addition to taking high-level science courses at Sisler and has finishing several courses at the University of Manitoba, Philip strives to be a leader in the community by raising awareness on global issues and giving back to the community. He founded and leads Sisler’s Political Youth (SPY), a group of motivated students that strive to educate youth in the north end of Winnipeg about both domestic and world issues. SPY spearheaded a multi-school, city-wide campaign to raise money for Syrian refugees, has held several debates between politicians, and has met with several prominent Canadians. Philip also volunteers at his local hospital and works at CancerCare Manitoba.

In his free time, Philip likes to ski, read, and socialize. He has been a part of Sisler’s Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track Teams throughout his entire high school life, and enjoys getting out on the track to run.

Philip hopes to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and become a physician. He strongly believes that Project Pulse will help make a positive change in Winnipeg, and is excited to be a part of the Executive Team.

Rachel is a grade 11 student currently enrolled in Kelvin High School’s International Baccalaureate program. She spends her free time drawing and painting. She has a strong passion for all academics but at the moment her favourite courses are mathematics, English, and physics. She is a member of her school’s Environmental Action Committee and Youth in Philanthropy Committee. Rachel is also a peer tutor and through tutoring she has developed an even more acute admiration for her favourite subjects, and a love for teaching and spreading knowledge to others. It is this desire to educate that has led Rachel to become involved in Project Pulse as she is eager to inform her peers about the many opportunities open to them if they pursue a career in the health sciences.

Riley Stevenson  

External Relations Director




Riley is a grade 12 student at Morris High School in Morris Manitoba. Riley has always been extremely intrigued with learning new things and solving problems. He loves doing things with my friends, hanging out and going places and being of the social and talkative type. Riley enjoys many sports, badminton, volleyball, football, but most importantly hockey. He loves to be active and have an active lifestyle. 

Riley’s core courses that he enjoys are Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Math. Riley is a SHAD Alumni from the University of Saskatchewan and has chosen to take this opportunity to be a part of the executive team for Project Pulse because he believes this experience will expand knowledge many students’ knowledge of the health sciences field. Riley also believes that being a part of this team will advance his social skills and create great connections for the future. Riley’s goal for the future is to go to university and become a computer engineer.

Evan Chan

Marketing & Financial Director

Evan is a grade 9 student from Grant Park High School, enrolled in the AP Program. He is a passionate student who enjoys all academic courses. In class, Evan challenges himself by competing in many Math and Science competitions, such as the Pascal mathematics contest. He is also involved in many local clubs and programs at his school. He is a member of his school’s debate program, green environmental team, student council, peer tutor program, Junior/Intermediate jazz bands and Reach for the Top trivia team. Evan is a hardworking student and has earned the Gold Medal award for having the highest academic average in his grade. Outside of school, Evan is the Vice President of health and safety for a company in the Junior Achievement Program. Evan is also a member of the air cadets at 170 St. James RCACS, which allows him to take on leadership positions and pursue his interests in aviation. Evan has the abilities to lead from the air cadet program and has earned many awards, both at national summer camps with other cadets and at his home squadron. He has attended summer courses such as BATAC course in Gimli, GT course in Penhold, and hopefully ongoing to Advanced Aerospace course in St. Jean, Quebec. Musically, Evan enjoys plays in many bands. Evan loves to play piano, saxophone and trombone for jazz band. He will be attending the 2016 Northwest Region Cadet Honour Band. Aside from his academic life, Evan enjoys skiing, marksmanship, biathlon and badminton. He also volunteers around the 17 Wing Canadian forces base, at events such as the children’s christmas party, or Battle of Britain parade. He is enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Program and amongst completion of his bronze award. In science, Evan has a dream to pursue his future career in the medical field.

Evan has many interests in the medical field and the environment. He has competed at many science fairs and received numerous awards. This year, he is working with the Parkinson’s disease and researching the effects of different nucleosides such as Guanosine on the disease. Evan is excited for Project Pulse, with the belief that his role as Marketing and Financial Director will help him in the future to pursue his dreams in the medical field.

Janessa Morin & Kaitlyn Hanson

Logistics Directors

Janessa is a grade 11 student at Collège Béliveau who is very enthusiastic about science. Her favourite classes include Biology, Chemistry, Drama and Band. Outside of academics, Janessa is also an active member of her community; she is a part of her school's musical, a core member of a divisional Citizenship Council, a middle school volleyball coach and a peer tutor. An eagerness to learn combined with a strong desire to help people sparked her interest in the health sciences, with neuroscience and psychology being of particular interest to her. In the future, she hopes to study and pursue a career in neuroscience. In her spare time, Janessa enjoys playing softball, developing her photography skills, reading, and playing the ukulele. Janessa believes Project Pulse is a great opportunity to inform students about the possibilities in the health sciences and is looking forward to being a part of the Project Pulse Winnipeg team in 2016!

Kaitlyn is a grade 11 student at St. Mary’s Academy. Kaitlyn is extremely passionate about learning and exploring. As a lover of science and creativity, her favourite subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Pre-calculus, and English language arts. From a young age, Kaitlyn has been interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. She is currently fascinated in achieving a career related to immunology. She is involved in many extracurricular activities including Ukrainian dancing, piano, badminton and various volunteer positions. In her spare time, Kaitlyn enjoys practicing yoga, reading, watching films, cooking and embarking on outdoor adventures. Kaitlyn loves travelling and exploring novel landscapes, cultures and photographic opportunities. As a member of the Project Pulse team, she looks forward to collaborating with fellow young adults with a common passion for the health sciences field!

Hannah Exner

Graphic Designer




Hannah Exner is a grade 11 IB student at Kelvin High school and is excited to be a part of the executive team. Her favourite subjects are physics, biology and math. She is active member in many teams and school clubs, such as Youth in Philanthropy, Environmental Action Committee and her local soccer team. During her free time she enjoys drawing, playing badminton and the piano. Hannah has been appreciative of design and the arts since she can remember and aspires to become involved in a creative career in the future. She hopes through Project Pulse she will be able to learn more about the field of health sciences, as well to develop her graphic design and communication skills and lastly help spread knowledge of health sciences to other students.