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Meet the Executive Team


Meet the Executive Team


Co-President - jharna rathod

Jharna Rathod is a grade 12 IB student at Cameron Heights. She discovered her passion for the field of Health Sciences at a young age, and hopes that she will acquire a position in the medical field as a paediatrician. She has always had a love for kids, but through her experience working with children as a Leader in Training, gymnastics coach, and summer camp counsellor, she knows without a doubt that it’s what she wants to spend the rest of her life doing. She is excited about co-founding her school's art club, and is involved in many extracurriculars in her school such as Student and Athletic Council. Out of school she has taken part in organizations and programs, such as the Business & Entrepreneurship program at the University of Waterloo, and the YMCA summer student work exchange. She has done volunteer work for many school and community events through Key Club and City of Kitchener Special Events. Jharna dedicates much of her time to her volunteer position in the emergency department at the hospital which has allowed her to hands-on gain experience in the field of medicine and has further interested her in pursuing a career in it. In Project Pulse this year she hopes to open the eyes of many students to the opportunities available to them in the field of health sciences.


Co-president - mehak mohindru

Mehak is an grade 12 student in the International Baccalaureate Program at Cameron Heights C.I. Fascinated by the world of health sciences, Mehak hopes to pursue a career in the field of medicine. At school, she enjoys biology, physics and english and loves to get involved in and outside of school. At school, she keeps herself busy with Student Council, Link Crew, and Art Club, Basketball team, and Swim team. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering at the hospital and various community centres to contribute her help towards others. She also enjoys to play basketball, previously playing rep basketball with the Cambridge team and swimming competitively. Mehak hopes to expand others knowledge on health science through project pulse.

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Sponsorship Director - david dragan

David Dragan is currently in full IB grade 12 at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. David coaches a U12 boys soccer team. He also plays soccer outside of school and for Cameron. David volunteers at Cambridge Hospital weekly and regularly at The Westmount LTC Residence, this has allowed him to understand what his future aspirations are. He is also an executive of the Neuroscience club at Cameron Heights which has further solidified his knowledge of his aspirations. He is also heavily involved in his church community. David values his extra curriculars for he believes that they helped shape him in the person who he is today. He wanted to expand his leadership and organizing skills by partaking in the 2017 Project Pulse after attending the 2016 event as an ambassador. Taking on the role of sponsorship director, David and Kushal have learned what it takes to advertise an organization and the difficulties which one regularly falls in while doing so.

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Sponsorship director - kushal kshatri


graphics designer - lauren schmalz

Lauren is a Grade 12 IB student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and is looking to pursue a career in actuarial science and finance. She joined Project Pulse Waterloo 2017 because of her personal interest in health and medical sciences. Lauren wants to further her knowledge in the health science field and grow her graphic design skills by being involved in organizing Project Pulse this year. Lauren currently works two jobs, as a tutor and as a pizza cook and driver. She also plays curling competitively in school and outside of school, while also showing interest in jujitsu. Her creativity is expressed through her participation in organizing different art events at her high school. Lauren is hoping to follow her passion of actuarial science at the University of Waterloo in Autumn of 2017.

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Ambassador director - sanjit sumal

Sanjit is a grade 12 IB student at Cameron Heights Collegiate institute and an aspiring doctor (hoping to specialize in paediatrics; neonatal). She was inspired to join Project Pulse 2017 after attending as an ambassador in 2016 and wanting to take on a leadership role. Through the planning process and the conference itself, she hopes to learn new things while interacting with other individuals passionate about health sciences. Outside of school, Sanjit is a tutor, a volunteer at kids events for the City of Kitchener, and an umpire and player of field hockey in the spring and fall. She is a Shad 2016 Fellow from Carleton University, and is excited to begin her health science journey at University of Waterloo in the upcoming fall. Sanjit is looking forward to meeting the attendees and professionals at Project Pulse 2017.


marketing director - monica ha

Monica Ha is currently in her last year of high school at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. She is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program as a partial IB student. She strives to become a doctor in the future, specifically a paediatrician.Monica is a very well rounded student taking part in chamber choir, concert choir, jazz in the schools, badminton team, tennis team, key club and student council public relations executive member at school. Her hobbies include singing, movies and just chilling out. "I joined Project Pulse as the Marketing Exec to share the opportunity of attending the conference to other health science lovers. I believe Project Pulse is an amazing opportunity to take part in as it allows for high school students to dive into the broad topic of "health sciences", network with others and listen to real life experiences encountered by professionals. I am excited to share the conference day with other passionate students!"


marketing director - tonia magda

Tonia Magda is currently in grade 12 at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. She partakes in the Full International Baccalaureate Diploma program, which allows her to develop an abundance of skills including analytical and critical thinking, as well as time management. She is an executive for her school’s Student Activities Council and has helped plan many events that took place within her school. She enjoys volunteering with children at elementary schools and as a camp counselor. She spends her spare time cooking and writing poetry. She decided to apply for a Project Pulse Executive position because she believe it is an event that can aid many students and liked being part of such a beneficial activity. She also wanted to expand her leadership skills by participating in opportunities further than within my school, and that would impact more members of her community. Although she will be attending law school in England next year, she enjoyed all the educational parts of this experience that taught her about health sciences. Project Pulse is open to a variety of people, even if they’re not necessarily certain about if their future will be revolving around health sciences.

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financial director - ali moussa

Ali Moussa is currently in grade 12 at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. He is currently involved in the IB program there. He is a part of both the swim and track and field teams for the school which allowed him to learn better time management skills and remain in peak physical condition. Ali participated in Project Pulse Waterloo as he saw an opportunity to expand his horizons. He also saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the various life sciences. Though not intending to pursue life sciences as a career, Ali is still very interested in the topic overall. Ali seized the opportunity to improve his leadership and organizational skills as one of the Finance Directors for this event. Through his participation in this event he developed a new passion for life sciences and truly expanded his horizons.


financial director - ahsna kapur


panel director - anna winge-breen


panel director - maitry mistry


logistics director - shalom howe

Shalom Howe is an energetic and enthusiastic grade 12 IB student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. She enjoys running track, watching movies and spending time with friends. Shalom is a dedicated student leader at her school and has a passion for Kinesiology. She has played an active role in community events and fundraisers, including organizing a month long campaign for the Movember Foundation of Canada. Shalom also volunteers weekly at Grand River Sports Medicine clinic in Downtown Kitchener, where she is actively pursuing her passion for Kinesiology and expanding her education on a future career path. She hopes to attend a postsecondary institution to obtain a degree in Kinesiology and Human Kinetics following graduation. Shalom is looking forward to opening up the project pulse attendees to the world of health science, in hopes that they are able to discover their own passions and future career goals.


logistics director - prachi hambir