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Waterloo 2016 Speakers


Dr. Vishal Sharma

Dr. Sharma is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon currently in New York City doing a one-year sub-specialization fellowship in reconstructive microsurgery - a field within surgery that involves reconstructing defects all over the body from devastating tumours or trauma. While in the US, he is also finishing up a Masters of Education degree in Health Professions Education at Johns Hopkins University. Previously, Dr. Sharma completed his undergraduate degree, medical school, and residency training in Calgary after doing Shad Valley at UofC. Outside of work, Dr. Sharma enjoys the outdoors (tennis, swimming, sailing, hiking, biking, and more), travelling all over the world, and spending time with good friends and family.

We are extremely excited to have him come to Project Pulse to speak to us. Make sure you guys ask him lots of questions!


Dr. Rick Marta

Chemistry Professor at the University of Waterloo

Rick is a Chemistry Instructor for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada. He manages and coordinates a suite of second-year organic chemistry laboratories and a second-year materials and nanoscience lab. Additionally, Rick lectures in first-year general chemistry and second-year introductory chemical thermodynamics. Rick is passionate about teaching and loves his job. Some of Rick's hobbies include: squash, volleyball, exercise, video gaming, movies, reading and camping. Rick's principle research interest involves the study of structures and energetics of ions in the gas phase.