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Vancouver 2017 Professional Panel & Keynote Speaker

Professional Panel & Keynote Speaker

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Cindy Verchere - Keynote Speaker

Cindy Verchere is our Keynote speaker this year and she has been a pediatric plastic surgeon at BC Children’s Hospital for 21 years. She enjoys an academic practice managing kids with congenital differences, burns, trauma and hand issues. She is also a wife of a diabetes researcher and mother of three busy teenage boys.














Dr. Jeannie Shoveller 

Jeannie Shoveller, PhD, is the Director of Epidemiology & Population Health and the Drug Treatment Program, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. Prof. Shoveller also is a Professor at UBC's School of Population & Public Health and the founder of UBC’s Youth Sexual Health Team, an interdisciplinary research group focused on social inequities and health outcomes for young people, including HIV/STI as well as the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. She is a nationally and internationally recognized health science leader, having held many prestigious career awards, served as Principal Investigator on more than 30 studies, published 140+ peer-reviewed manuscripts, and supervised more than 60 Doctoral and Master’s students as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows from 11 countries


Dr. Kathryn Bartlett

Dr. Bartlett is a Professor in the School of Population & Public Health, Occupational and Environmental Health Division, and the graduate program director for MSc OEH. She holds a Masters degree in Occupational Hygiene and a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia. She received post doctoral training in
inhalation toxicology at the University of Iowa, School of Public Health. She was a British Columbia Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar from 2002 – 2007, and was awarded a Killam graduate teaching prize in 2012. Dr. Bartlett’s research interests include indoor air quality, bioaerosol exposures in work and community environments, particularly in rural or agricultural settings.

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Dr. Phalgun Joshi   

As Managing Director of the Rick Hansen Institute’s Program Operations and Support, Phalgun Joshi is responsible for the overall planning, operations, reporting, performance evaluation and regulatory compliance of all translational research and best practice activities at RHI. Phalgun received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia and has published in diverse areas including genomics, gene therapy, drug discovery and parasitology. Prior to joining RHI, Phalgun was Director of Western Operations for PharmEng Technology, an international consulting company providing regulatory compliance and strategic planning services to clients in the healthcare and life science industries. At PharmEng, Phalgun held primary responsibility for business development, operations and management of regulatory compliance projects in Canada, US, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.









Dr. Ralph Pantophlet 

Dr. Pantophlet is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and an Associate Faculty member of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Dr. Pantophlet joined the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2008 and heads the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases Immunology.

Dr. Pantophlet received his B.Sc. degree in medical microbiology from the Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken (The Netherlands) (1995) and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) (1999) for his work on the immunochemical properties of Acinetobacter lipopolysaccharides (performed at the Research Center Borstel, Germany). He moved to The Scripps Research Institute in California (2000) for postdoctoral research on anti-HIV antibodies and vaccine design under the mentorship of Dr. Dennis Burton. Dr. Pantophlet returned to the Research Center Borstel for a brief postdoctoral period (2002) and then rejoined the Burton laboratory as a senior postdoctoral fellow to focus on HIV vaccine design (2003).






Dr. Trevor Drummond  

Trevor Dummer, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC, where he is a member of the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention. Originally from the UK, he received his PhD in environmental epidemiology from Newcastle University. Dr Dummer is a health geographer interested in how the environment—our communities and neighborhoods—influence our health. His research focuses on cancer prevention through community knowledge translation—especially related to environmental exposures, such as arsenic and radon, and the relationship between obesity, a major cancer risk, and the built environment. He is currently Co Principal Investigator of two regions of the national Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)—BC Generations (BC) and Atlantic PATH (Atlantic Canada)—CPTP is Canada’s largest prospective health cohort of over 300,000 participants.