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Vancouver 2017 Graduate Students

Undergraduate Student Panel

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Katie Mai 

Katie obtained her BA in Health Sciences from SFU, which takes a social justice approach to improving health outcomes at the population-level. Her passions lie at the intersection of health promotion and anti-violence work. During her undergrad, she worked in support of health equity in a variety of social and economic contexts, including the City of New Westminster with the Fraser Health Authority, a high-risk community in India with a feminist anti-trafficking organization, and higher education with the SFU Health Promotion Team. Whether in a local, global, rich or poor context, it’s highly disturbing that vast health disparities continue to prevail despite modern medical advancements and innovations. As such, she is passionate about public health and is excited to chat with any students interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Currently, Katie works for an early childhood development project seeking to improve conditions in a Surrey community for kids ages 0-6, focusing on areas such as food security, early literacy, and mental health. Outside of work, she volunteers at a rape crisis centre in Vancouver.


Alex Assumption

Alex Assumption is a 2nd year E2P PharmD student. He chose pharmacy because it married his two passions, life sciences and public interaction. He works with clubs and committees that give students tools to succeed such as the Peer Mentorship Program, E2P Academic Committee, and Pharmacy Undergraduate Society as President.

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Andrew Chang  

Andrew Chang was born and raised in Coquitlam, and went to SFU for his undergraduate education in Biomedical Physiology from 2013-2016. This last summer, Andrew was admitted to UBC Medicine’s Class of 2020. He have a wide range of interests, from sports to coaching to mental health. Andrew currently volunteer with the Fraser Health Crisis Line. He was selected to be the first volunteer in Fortius Sport & Health’s Concussion Management Program, working with elite athletes to prevent and manage concussions. Currently, Andrew is conducting research at VGH’s ER department in traumatic brain injuries. In my free time, he like to play hockey, run, and read autobiographies.






Arün Dhir

Arun is a second year medical student at UBC. Born and raised in Vancouver, he completed high school at Sir Winston Churchill secondary, and graduated from UBC Sciences in 2015. Outside of school, he is passionate about how technology can be used to improve patient care.














Cody Lo 

Cody graduated with a BSc in Pharmacology from UBC in 2016 and is currently a genomics researcher at St. Paul’s hospital. Last year he was awarded the Wesbrook and Carl Bradford Robertson Premier scholarships and has extensive experience in biomedical research. He has worked in 6 different labs and is an author on 8 scientific publications.












Crystal Cheng 

Crystal Cheng is a first year student in pharmacy. After graduating from high school, she first started at UBC doing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in microbiology in second year. Growing up, she was interested in healthcare and is now working towards a PharmD degree.















Grace Greenwood

Gracie is a 4th year pharmacy student at UBC. For the past 3 years she has enjoyed working in a local community pharmacy as well as in research at UBC. She is passionate about collaborating with other primary healthcare providers to provide a high standard of care to her patients. This coming summer she hopes to graduate and begin a career working in a community pharmacy. Outside of school Gracie enjoys hiking, singing, cooking and wine.







Ilena Djuana

Ilena Djuana is a current student in the Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy program, at the University of British Columbia. After graduating high school, Ilena completed two years of undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Science at UBC, majoring in Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences, before starting in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science this past fall. Ilena spent the past summer as a medical intern in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is currently a treasurer for the UBC Blood for Life Club, a volunteer at George Pearson Centre, a residential care facility, and works part-time as a pharmacy assistant.










Kathryn Post  

Kathryn Post did her undergraduate studies in neuroscience at Boston University where she worked in labs studying aging and neurodegenerative disorders. She is now a PhD student in the neuroscience program at UBC studying brain development. Specifically, she studies the impact of certain Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) associated genetic variations on dendritic morphology and genetic interactions.










Rebecca Ko  

Rebecca is a graduate student in the Neuroscience program at UBC.  She first got into biological research as an undergrad in Pharmacology.  These days, she spends most of her time in the microscope room, doing calcium imaging and studying how different types of brain cells communicate with each other





Wayne Leung

Wayne Leung is a first year medical student at UBC, and was doing undergraduate in Pharmacology prior to medical school. Wayne has been involved in university clubs and is currently the president of UBC Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Throughout undergrad, Wayne has conducted research abroad in Germany and Singapore in cellular biology.











Nikjun Patel

Nikunj Patel is a first year medical student at UBC who originally came from Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree at McMaster University in the Health Sciences program. After graduating in 2015, Nikunj took a year off to pursue some hobbies and research interest by working in the field of pediatric neurosurgery. Since starting school at UBC in August, Nikunj has loved every moment of medical school and looks forward to the rest of his education. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor sports including biking, running, swimming and climbing.