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Vancouver 2017 Executive Team Hiring

Interested in getting involved with Project Pulse Vancouver? Check out the different Executive positions we have available and send in your applications before April 25th (23:59). 

Make sure to fill out the application form and send in your resume to!

General Executive Duties and skills

-        Attend all online and in person meetings (most meetings will be held online via google hangout or skype)

-        Attend most events and the yearly conference

-        Maintain communication with other members of the team

-        Be able to frequently check Facebook and emails

-        Creativity and Organization

-        “Self-starter,” responsive, and adaptive to changes

-        Highly committed


Administrative Department

-        Graphics Director (x2)

o   Creating and designing all promotional material for our events

o   Including facebook designs as well as videos, brochures, name tags, posters, etc

o   Skills required

§  Experience with photoshop and video making

§  Must be a quick and efficient worker

§  Ability to make quick changes to our material

§  Creative

-        Finances Director (x1)

o   Dealing with budgeting and financial accounts

o   In charge of making or ensuring that large payments are dealt with

o   Apply to and securing grants

o   Skills required

§  Strong organizational skills

§  Must have experience in budgeting and finances

§  Strong finance discipline

-        Sponsorship Director (x2)

o   Dealing with sponsorship from companies

o   Obtaining partnerships with other youth ran organizations

o   Develop a new sponsorship package with sponsor guidelines

o   Skills required

§  Ability to constantly check emails and to directly approach stores

§  Must be executed professionally and communication must be effective

§  Must have experience in dealing with organizations and companies professionally.

-        Public Relations and Marketing Director (x2)

o   Maintain Project Pulse Vancouver’s presence in the community through contacting media outlets and large organizations

o   Help coordinate affiliations with local and national organizations

o   Writing articles and promotional material

o   Creating a strong marketing strategy

o   Promoting Project Pulse Vancouver’s name and events in our community

o   Managing all social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, Instagram,etc)

o   Develop and maintain information on our website

o   Skills required

§  Experience in marketing

§  Ability to update social media outlets

§  Creativity and organized

§  Professional Communication

§  Ability to visit local media outlets and large scale organizations


Conference Department

-        Conference Lead (x2)

o   Oversee all planning aspects of the 2017 Conference

o   Coordinate with all executives in Conference department and President to ensure a successful event

o   Skills required

§  Highly organized

§  Strong leadership qualities are necessary

§  Previous experience with conference planning preferred

§  Highly responsive to make quick decisions and asses needs

§  Adaptive

-        Speaker Panel Director (x2)

o   Collaborating professionals and university studentswho are interested in becoming a speaker at our annual conference and our small seminars.

o   Liaison on the day of the event and before hand.

o   Skills required

§  Professional and effective communication

§  Ability to reach out and seek for other opportunities

§  Strong awareness of opportunity

-        Recruitment Director (x2)

o   Approach schools across the Lower Mainland (Burnaby, Vancouver, Tricities, Surrey, etc) to recruit students

o   Arrange for in class presentations

o   Skills required

§  Professional communication skills with schools

§  Highly organized

§  Large number of connections is an asset

-        Logistics Director (x2)

o   In charge of logistics on the day of our events

o   Includes registration, venue seeking, looking for decorations, food and more

o   Skills required

§  Strong organizational skills

§  Strong communication skills to both the attendants and the team members

§  Highly discipline and responsible  


Programs Department

-        Field tour Director (x2)

o   Implement Lab tours and field tours at Research facilities 

o   Coordinate with Lab heads and students who wish to attend a lab tour

o   Skills required

§  Organizational skills

§  Professional communication

§  Additional Connections are an asset

-        Seminar Director (x2)

o   Host small seminar events across the lower mainland that target specific topics (scholarship, extracurriculars, university admissions; etc)

o   Manage all aspects of the events with the help of Administrative Team

o   Skills required

§  Experience in planning events

§  Organizational Skills

§  Professional Communication

§  Dynamic

Fundraising Department

-        Event Director (x2)

o   Plan separate fundraisers with the help of ambassadors

o   Small scale and large scale fundraisers

o   Ensure we receive enough funds to host our events and to donate to organization of choice

o   Skills required

§  Flexible hours to attend most fundraisers

§  Strong leadership to work with ambassadors

§  Creative in fundraising ideas

§  Responsible and Mature

§  Represent Project Pulse Vancouver in the community

§  Previous experience with fundraising events