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Vancouver 2017 Conference Activities

Student Panel 

This year, students will be given the opportunity to engage with undergraduate and graduate students in a smaller group setting. We have invited a range of students studying in different fields in health sciences. Conference attendees will be divided into smaller groups that get to interact with 2 or 3 speakers at a time. Throughout the 90 minute time slots, the small conference attendee groups will be circulated between the speakers so that students can gain interactive and engaging experiences with older students. 

Medical Genetics Workshop 

The Medical Genetics workshop is an informative workshop that enables students to take a look into the vast role of genetics, and its significant role in medicine.You will be able to diagnose a patient with a mysterious genetic disease, using hints from their genetic makeup. Come learn about the importance of medical genetics and the process of evaluating a medical genetics case in an engaging environment!

CSI Workshop 

The CSI workshop is an interactive workshop that will give students a hands-on experience in forensics and genetics, an evergrowing field. This workshop involves a murder scenario where you will be able to analyze chemicals found at the crime scene using a technique known as an ELISA, using antibodies to detect the presence of the substance. Then, you will take part in a DNA extraction, similar to how DNA is extracted from tissue found at the crime scene, where you will run the DNA in a PCR and gel electrophoresis which will fingerprint the suspects and the crime scene. Join us in our search to find the culprit, using real-life lab techniques!

Professional Panel 

Every year, we have a series of professionals in the health sciences industry that come in to speak about their experiences and their careers. We have a wide variety of speakers ranging from practicing physicians, researchers, nurses, and public health professionals. These presentations is a great way to learn more about the industry from a professional point of view!