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Vancouver 2016 Executive Team

Meet the 2015-2016 Project Pulse Vancouver Executive Team

Stephanie Lam 


Stephanie Lam is a second year university student at Simon Fraser University. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Life Science stream) in the faculty of Health Sciences. From a young age, Stephanie always had a strong passion for medicine and the health sciences. Her career goal is to become a doctor, specializing in paediatrics or paediatric psychiatry. Recently, she has acquired a strong passion for research and in the future, she looks towards doing medical research as well. With this goal to pursue the study of medicine, Stephanie has also developed a strong interest and love for humanitarian work. In her high school school community, she was always a strong leader in many humanitarian clubs in high school. In university, she was an events coordinator for UNICEF SFU. She will be the Vice President of External Relations for this club in the 2015-2016 school year. Additionally, she is a community outreach executive for SFU Dance Marathon, raising money for BC Children's hospital. In 2014, she was awarded the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award for her leadership qualities and humanitarian work. When she isn’t working on her studies, she finds joy in helping others through different causes as well as tutoring math and sciences. As the President of Project Pulse Vancouver, Stephanie is extremely excited to provide an opportunity for high school students to explore the world of health sciences.

External Committee 

Cathy Jiang

Vice President of External Relations

A Grade 12 student at Burnaby North Secondary, Cathy Jiang is thrilled to be working with Project Pulse again and eager to welcome everyone to Project Pulse Vancouver’s second conference. With an avid interest in health sciences she hopes that she will eventually acquire a profession in the medical field as a gerontologist or biophysicist. While she enjoys exploring downtown Vancouver and slowly making her way back to the world of dance, one of her true passions is music. Her two invaluable roles as We Youth Help’s program director and a New Vista Care Home volunteer has allowed her to share her love of music and solidify her desire to pursue a career dedicated to the elderly. At school, Cathy serves as an office administration student, member of her graduating class's council, and annual team staff. As a former creative director, she cannot wait to present the upcoming conference with the rest of her team. She sincerely hopes that all attendees of Project Pulse Vancouver 2016 will leave with a new drive to pursue health sciences.


Emma Lu

Graphics Director

Emma is a grade 10 student at RC Palmer Secondary School with a strong interest in the sciences. She is involved in her school’s science team as well as various science conferences and competitions. Recently, Emma chaired a research-based science conference which brought together many of lower mainland’s most talented students. In addition to science, Emma also finds her passion in the visual arts field. She has had many years of experience in the graphic design including being the head yearbook editor for two consecutive year as well as partaking the graphic designer role in various non-for-profits. Emma’s artwork has previously been internationally recognized when she received a first place finish in Canada for the 25th Peace Poster Contest and awarded the merit award for the top 23 finalist. During her free time, she is found playing volleyball, doodling, volunteering and researching about various scientific topics. Emma is extremely excited to serve as the Graphics Director for Project Pulse 2015. She is confident that Project Pulse Vancouver 2015 will be an amazing enrichment opportunity for students interested in the health science field and hopes that her artwork can help conference become alive.


Lauren Lee

Graphics Director

A Grade 11 student from Steveston-London Secondary, Lauren Lee is incredibly passionate about the health sciences, as well as improving the lives of others. Lauren is the co-president of the SLSS Interact Club, her school’s main yearbook editor, and an executive of the school newspaper. She volunteers frequently in her community, at senior homes and community centres around Richmond. Lauren is also a passionate musician: she has earned her ARCT Performer’s Diploma from the Royal Conservatory, and has since been teaching piano to younger students. In her free time, she enjoys designing graphics (and creating art in general), baking, practicing yoga, dragon boating, and taekwondo, and learning about the idiosyncrasies of living organisms. Through Project Pulse, Lauren hopes to provide an opportunity for interested students to connect with health science professionals and like-minded individuals, in addition to learning about the medical field through educational activities and inspirational talks. She envisions this year’s conference to be the most amazing one yet!


Audrey Curry

IT Director

A second year UBC student studying Biology, Audrey Curry is enamored by the natural world. She has written a paper on the grove snail within one of her classes and has participated in numerous science fairs in high school as well as marine ecology summer classes in her hometown of Marin, California. In the biology field, she is heavily interested in genes and physiology, and to a lesser extent pharmacology. As the IT Director, Audrey has experience in many fields of computer graphics and coding- she has been working for a non-profit maintaining and updating their website and app art for three years, was Head Programmer for a videogame internship, and recently completed an eight month position as a beta tester and debugger. In her spare time, she works on her own website, multimedia art, and employing the use of organic chemistry in cooking. Audrey strives to make this year’s Project Pulse conference the best so far and to educate youth about new opportunities in the health sciences field in an engaging and rewarding fashion.


Alice Huang

External Relations Director

Alice Huang is a Grade 12 student at Moscrop Secondary and thrilled to return as the external director this upcoming conference. As an advocate for youth involvement, she is the President of the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network, planning district wide environmental initiatives and an annual conference. Her interest in sustainability can be seen as the chair of Green Your City, a youth organization which donates gardening supplies and promotes food security. Alice also has experience in business as a member of the PNE Youth Council, and promotes philanthropy and youth engagement as a member of the Youth Philanthropy Council of the Vancouver Foundation. She volunteers frequently as an assistant music therapist at the Royal Arch Masonic Homes, and as a pianist at New Vista Society, using music as a healing tool. In school, she is the director of the Cancer Society, the Environmental Council,  and an elected member of Student Council for 4 years. Alice enjoys photography in her spare time and hopes to discover the world through her lenses. She believes that Project Pulse 2016 will feature key speakers and be an essential experience  for every high school student considering the health sciences.


Wendy Tsai

External Relations Director

Wendy is currently in her senior year at Moscrop Secondary School. Her passion for science evolved at a young age when she attended several science programs and conferences in the community. From then on, she has made it her goal to continue to foster her love for the sciences, help others understand the importance of science, and aid like-minded individuals in developing a passion for the STEM field. Besides working with science programs and organizations, Wendy is a strong advocate of human rights and equality, in which she partakes in Model United Nations to satisfy her love for politics, debate, and diplomacy. Additionally, Wendy is heavily involved in the community as she volunteers in local centres and works with numerous non-profit organizations. In her free time, she can be found volunteering, playing badminton, playing the flute, socializing, and consuming as much food as she can! Wendy is extremely pleased to be serving as one of the External Relations Directors this year. She hopes to work with her team members to create a memorable and enriching Project Pulse 2015 conference for all!

Mary Lin

Finance Director

Mary Lin is a Grade 11 student studying at Crofton House School. As an avid journalist, she is highly involved with the school newspaper, of which she is the Editor in Chief.  In her spare time, Mary can be found golfing, playing tennis with her friends, practicing piano, binge-watching Netflix, or casually browsing BuzzFeed videos. After obsessing over countless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, she has developed a keen interest in the medical sciences and dreams to become a biological engineer. Throughout the past few years, Mary has been devoted to several businesses and organizations, such as YWCA, the Richmond Hospital, Junior Achievement, and other youth run non-profits, where she has gained much leadership and professional experience. She has received her certification from the Canadian Securities Institute and is passionate about further developing her financial expertise.  Mary is extremely excited to serve as the Director of Finance and she hopes to provide an enlightening and memorable experience for all Project Pulse 2016 delegates.


Demetra Barbacuta 

Marketing Director

A second year student at SFU, studying Health Sciences, Demetra Barbacuta is captivated by the ever-growing field of health sciences. Interested in public and population health, Demetra plains to pursue a career in public health - possibly as an epidemiologist - working for organizations such as the WHO or the CDC. Heavily involved in non-profit organizations such as Free the Children, Dare to Care and Project H.E.L.L.O throughout secondary school and university, Demetra believes that the world can constantly be improved and is always looking for ways to help others. She is very interested in researching developmental disorders such as autism as well as infectious diseases. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and camping, as well as occasionally binge-watching television series. This is Demetra’s second year with Project Pulse Vancouver, being with it since its establishment. This year, Demetra hopes to engage and educate youth in health sciences and help them to gain a new perspective on health, allowing them to foster their passion in health sciences.


Wayne Tse

Marketing Director

Currently a Grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill secondary, Wayne Tse is an individual with a keen curiosity for all things pertaining to biology. Whether it is ecology or physiology, Wayne enjoys flipping through the pages of biology textbooks, and is impressed by the sea of knowledge readily available to students nowadays. When Wayne is not swamped by the mounds of homework to be completed, he enjoys volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium, where he focuses on conveying messages of conservation to customers. In addition, Wayne enjoys playing piano in his spare time or sending a few badminton projectiles in a trajectory through the air. This year, Wayne hopes for Project Pulse to be a great experience for all participants, creating both a fun and professional environment for youth to learn about the realm of health sciences. A strong believer of experiential learning, Wayne is confident that Project Pulse will deliver a great conference with a myriad of different opportunities for participants.


Events Committee 


Athena Huynh

Vice President of Events

Athena Huynh is a second year student in the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia, intending to major in pharmacology (although she is open to other paths in the health sciences as well). Her interest in this field stems from the childhood experience of accompanying her urologist mother to work at the hospital and seeing the crucial role that health care professionals play in alleviating suffering and restoring health. That is why she is enthusiastic to continue working with Project Pulse Vancouver, having been a Professional Panel Co-Director last year: to offer students the opportunity to discover their passion in the health sciences. As the VP of Events, Athena will work hard alongside her talented team to deliver an engaging and rewarding conference experience, including informative panels, inspirational speakers, and interactive activities. When she is not doing so, Athena can be found studying, baking, exercising, volunteering, and leading the UBC Student Environment Centre


Jonathan Han

University Panel Director

Jonathan Han is a Grade 11 student at Burnaby North Secondary who has an outgoing love for science and creativity. His favorite subjects at school include Chemistry, Maths, and Psychology. Jonathan strives to constantly enrich his lifestyle through immersing himself in athletics and extracurriculars such as baseball, where he has played for the Vancouver Cannons of the BC 18U Premier League. At school, Jonathan is involved in many clubs such as STEM, Astronomy club, Amnesty International, and Viking View School Newspaper, and holds executive positions in many of his clubs. This year, Jonathan has received a number of awards and recognitions, including in regional science fairs and the 2014 Dupont Science Essay Contest, and has represented BC at the 2015 Destination Imagination Global Finals in Tennessee. Jonathan's hobbies include photography, tai chi, and music. At the mere age of 12, Jonathan completed his RCM Grade 10 Piano Examination and now works on transcription and audio engineering projects. He is also a BC Lifesaving Society assistant water safety instructor. 2016 will be Jonathan’s second year as a part of Project Pulse Vancouver, and he hopes that Project Pulse will continue to act as a stepping stone for him towards pursuing a career in the life or health sciences.


Yilin Zhang

University Panel Director

Yilin Zhang is going into Grade 12 at Gleneagle Secondary School in Coquitlam. She is excited for this upcoming year, and eagerly awaits to share all the wondrous events that Project Pulse Vancouver will be providing. Yilin enjoys helping others, as shown through her volunteer work with Eagle Ridge Hospital, and loves working with younger children at Science World as well. These opportunities provided unparalleled memories and experiences that bettered her today. Evidently, she hopes to pursue her interest in sciences in university and continue her passion in health careers one day. Aside from these extracurricular activities, Yilin enjoys playing badminton during her free time. She attends Vector Badminton Club every Sunday, and plays competitively for the school team. Badminton is important to Yilin because she made great friends and met many talented athletes through this sport. In this upcoming school year, she wishes to share her passion through Project Pulse 2015, and will put in her best efforts to create an enriching experience for everyone.


Grace Kim

Professional Panel Director

Currently a grade 12 IB student attending Pacific Academy, Grace is an avid learner who harbours an extreme passion for the health sciences. Specifically, she is captivated by the intricacies of the brain and the curious workings of the mind; therefore, she hopes to pursue a career in psychiatry and provide aid to those suffering from mental illnesses. In addition to working with science organizations such as the Vancouver High-school Science Organization, she is involved in Kindlers Society, is the President of her school’s Environmental Club and volunteers frequently at a local senior home. In her spare time, Grace enjoys singing, as she is part of her school’s choir and partook in her school’s musical, Beauty and the Beast. She also enjoys nestling in a cozy armchair and immersing herself in a good book. Grace strongly believes that Project Pulse will ignite in many students a genuine love for the health sciences and inspire them to sincerely pursue the health sciences. She is extremely excited and honored to serve as a Professional Panel Director for Project Pulse Vancouver 2015 and hopes for a successful conference that will provide students with an unforgettable experience!

Heidi Leung

Professional Panel Director

Heidi is currently going into her 4th year at UBC. The topic of health has always been an interest of hers and in particular, she is interested in how drugs and the body interact with each other. As a pharmacy student, Heidi is ready to take on the expanding role of a pharmacist after she graduates, contributing in her own way to enhance patient care. When Heidi is not learning about therapeutics, pharmacology or clinical skills, she enjoys art and playing piano, having successfully completed the RCM grade 10. She regularly volunteers at her Church and loves to mentor the younger generation. At school, Heidi is a student member of BCPhA and CSHP and is part of UBC Pharmacy’s Yearbook Team, where she works as a page designer and photographer. She hopes that through this conference, she will help empower high school and university students to pursue a career in the health sciences. Heidi will work towards bringing these future leaders opportunities to network and to learn valuable experiences and information at this conference from distinguished individuals in the healthcare field.


Ashley Phord Toy

Professional Panel Director

As one of the professional panel directors for project pulse, Ashley has been interested in the health sciences for most of her life, and is excited to work with the project pulse team, speakers, and participants. Within her community, Ashley is a multi-faceted individual, who has a passion for human rights and international relations, and has won awards on such topics whilst debating them on the national and international level. She is also involved with many other groups, such as amnesty international, WYNS, and her school's student council to name a few. When she is not cramming for exams or being a philanthropist, Ashley can be seen watching TED talks, doing buzzfeed quizzes, and crying over kdramas. Ashley is excited to get to meet wonderful individuals through project pulse, and explore the health sciences with the help of many specialized individuals. She is sure that the project pulse team will create a successful conference, and can’t wait to share the incredible experience with everyone.


Sena Kim

Logistics Director

Currently a grade 12 IB student at R.E. Mountain Secondary, Sena is more than pleased to serve as a Logistics Director for Project Pulse 2016. As a former school ambassador, she is thrilled to be able to work with this team for a second year. Involved with her school's Student Council and other non-profit organizations such as Wish Youth Network Society, Sena is an avid learner and contributor who enjoys working alongside like-minded students. In the past, she has volunteered at the senior home and helped seniors with some of their daily activities. Recently having completed her work experience at her local hospital, Sena developed a great passion in helping ill patients and was drawn into the field of health sciences. Aside from school and other commitments, Sena can be found devoting her spare time into volunteerism around her community or playing piano, as piano is one of her favourite hobbies. Sena believes that Project Pulse 2016 will definitely encourage and welcome students who are passionate in the health sciences field, and wishes for everyone to have an unforgettable experience!

Zack Morely

Logistics Director

Currently a grade 12 student at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School attending SFU in the Winter semester for Health Sciences. His passion in life for aiding others led him to pursue a career in health sciences as a psychologist. He worked as an ambassador for PPV 2014-2015 for BMSS and looks forward planning the 2016 event! He has done volunteer work for several school and community events, works as an executive for many clubs and done work experience at UBC, SFU & BCIT for health sciences. Zack also commits several dozen hours per/week to his several sports teams, athletic practices and overall fitness health, leading him to win the department scholarship award for athletics & made top graduating athlete for 2015 at BMSS. He has a side-passion for music, allowing him to win awards at a gold standard for violin, piano, trumpet, his guitar, along with the harp. The rest of his time is spent with his animals, friends or watching anime (RIP Naruto). Zack’s goal for Project Pulse 2016 is to take what was done at the 2015 conference and input the positive suggestions to create an even more spectacular health science conference than last years! His hope is to inspire people to join him in this incredible field as future doctors, nurses or what have you.


Jennifer Yi

Logistics Director

Currently attending Pacific Academy as a grade 12 IB student, Jennifer has been involved in bringing STEM inspired opportunities to high school students through Vancouver High-School Science Organization as well as Model United Nations and debate. Her experiences have helped shape her future ambitions in humanitarian aid and medicine. Jennifer is honoured to serve as the Logistics Director of Project Pulse Vancouver 2015 as she sincerely wishes to help develop passions for the health sciences within like-minded individuals. She partakes in a variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from leading non-profit organizations to maintaining her black belt in taekwondo. Jennifer is extremely excited for the conference and hopes that it will be an incredible experience for everyone!


Hannah Rahim

Events Director

Currently a Grade 11 IB student at Mulgrave School, Hannah Rahim is very passionate about the health sciences and hopes to pursue a career as a clinician scientist. She won a silver medal for her research at the UBC Science fair and was chosen to be a gene researcher for a week in the Farrer lab at UBC by the Canadian Gene Cure Foundation.  As well, she recently initiated a science peer support program within her school. She has also developed a love for humanitarian work in her community - she is as an executive member on the Service Action Council, has led the Me to We club, and for 3 years has led a club that centers around gender equality in developing countries. Hannah has also been passionate about music from a young age and has completed her RCM Grade 10 exam with First Class Honors and continues to compete in piano competitions as well as teach piano. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys playing sports and is on the Senior X-Country team and the badminton A team at Mulgrave.  She additionally loves writing and has published several poems. In Project Pulse this year, she hopes to enable youth to develop their passion for the health sciences through interactive activities and engaging presentations, while empowering them to network among professionals and other motivated students in this field.


Iva Demirova

Events Director

Entering grade 11 IB at New Westminster Secondary School, Iva is an avid learner whose main passion lies within the life sciences. Her love for science has deep roots in her admiration of the intricacy of life itself and her wish to help others, as she plans to pursue a career in health research. Greatly engaged in her community, having founded a club dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Dementia, as well as being very active in many other clubs at her school, Iva believes everyone can have a positive impact on the world. This year, she was selected to participate in Genome BC's Geneskool, BCIT's week-long Biotechnology Workshop and the Elite Mentors Association’s Science and Engineering program at UBC, and was honoured to represent her school at a HOBY leadership conference. However, the experience she is most grateful for is her volunteer job at a SFU lab investigating HIV and Influenza where she is also conducting her own research. In the brief, blissful hours of leisure time she has, Iva rejoices in dancing with NWSS’s Salsa Club or freestyling in her room, skiing, hiking, drawing, delving into the worn pages of books and simply enjoying time with friends. As Events Director of Project Pulse Vancouver 2016, she hopes to be able to bring her enthusiasm and experience together to help create the best possible opportunities for Vancouver students to ignite their own passion for the Health Sciences.


Tyler Lum

Events Director

Tyler will be entering his grade 12 year at Burnaby North Secondary School this fall. He is passionate about helping others, which has led him towards health sciences. Having a desire to become a doctor his whole life, Tyler wishes to pursue a career in neuroscience. He is also a volleyball player on Focus Volleyball club, winning a gold medal in the BC Provincials in 2014. In his free time, Tyler likes go to the gym and play the guitar. Tyler is the chair of Burnaby North’s Karing4Kids club, which sets up annual carnivals and fundraisers. He was an executive of Christmas Cheer club for two record breaking years, in which the annual $10,000 donation goal was surpassed. Tyler’s biggest goal is to make Project Pulse even more engaging and memorable for everyone.

Internal Committee 


Emily Lam

Vice President of Internal Relations (Tricities) 

Billy Lin 

Vice President of Internal Relations (Burnaby) 

A grade 10 student at Burnaby North who is passionate about health sciences, Billy enjoys getting involved in his community by taking on leadership-building roles in order eventually to make an impact on the world (he also has faith in the butterfly effect). He hopes to pursue a future career in medicine, a choice not at all influenced by his parents or culture, and believes strongly that Project Pulse will connect him with the right connections and contacts and provide him invaluable experience to help him achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. When he’s not captaining his trivia and freelance science team, he can be found doing volunteer work in the many organizations and clubs he’s part of. Between his time commitments with his multiple roles and schoolwork, he can either practicing his saxophone or voraciously devouring war time history stories.  As one of the VP’s of Internal Relations, Billy wishes to bring about an extremely functional and effective ambassador body and a smooth running conference.


Beini Yin

Vice President of Internal Relations (Richmond) 

Beini Yin is going into Grade 12 at JN Burnett Secondary School and she is extremely excited to serve on the Project Pulse Executive team again for a second year. Her passions lie in the sciences, particularly the STEM field, and community involvement. She is the elected Student Government President of 2015-2016, and the President of Breakers that Believe, a community service club. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering at the hospital, being the Youth Council Treasurer for City Centre Association, and reviewing grant applications for Neighbourhood Small Grants, a sub-branch of the Vancouver Foundation. She was awarded the Volunteers are Stars, and U-ROC awards this year. She loves to play guitar and the chinese zither, write songs in her spare time, swim, and play badminton. This summer, she will be participating in a Co-Op program at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. Beini is confident that Project Pulse Vancouver will inspire like-minded youth to pursue a career in the field of Health Sciences through its fun and innovative events and conferences!


Odie Huynh

Internal Director (Vancouver)

Odysseus (Odie) Huynh is a grade 10 student at University Hill Secondary who enjoys getting involved in the community and meeting new people. He was recently the Secretary and Treasurer of his school’s Student Council, and he will continue to contribute to it as an honorary member, training the next generation of student leaders with his previous experience. Odie is also an active member in his school’s Intramurals Club, which strives to promote athleticism and physical activity, as well as teamwork and school spirit, through the organization of fun sports competitions. Unfortunately, he cannot participate in these events himself because running from club to club keeps him occupied. At a young age, Odie saw firsthand the miracles that doctors and nurses are able to achieve during philanthropic activities in Vietnam. Since then, Odie has wanted to become one of these heroes that are capable of saving lives, and this desire has only grown over the years. As a result, Odie wants others to see the importance of the health sciences, and he is excited to be working with Project Pulse Vancouver toward this goal.


Suzanne Pang

Internal Director (Vancouver)

Currently a Grade 11 student in Little Flower Academy, Suzanne is ecstatic to be a part of Project Pulse and is excited to meet other students interested in Health Sciences. When not rushing to finish position papers for Model UN conferences and participating in heated debates, Suzanne can be found doing cross country, swimming, and playing badminton. After overcoming her obsession for Korean dramas, Suzanne has discovered her love for medicine and wishes to pursue a career in that area. Being a Senior Editor for her schools' newspaper, and a leader of Philantrophy and Social Justice Club in her school, Suzanne has a strong passion to help others and hopes to be able to inspire others to do the same.  Not only that, she has also started a non profit organization called Let Out Your Voice (LOYV) with her friends that encourages students to make an impact to our community through the art of public speaking. Suzanne is looking forward to be serving as your Internal Director for Project Pulse 2016 and wishes that each student walks away from the conference feeling confident and motivated to make a change.


Ruvini Amarasekera 

Internal Director (Surrey)

A Grade 12 Science Academy student at Fraser Heights Secondary, Ruvini Amarasekera is quite passionate about health science and human biology. She will be attending Simon Fraser University to study Biomedical Kinesiology and Physiology, which she hopes will lead to a career in medicine. Ruvini has always been intrigued by nature, and how everything manages to work in perfect harmony. She is an avid volunteer for Fraser Health, where she has experience in both a residential and clinical setting. Ruvini is actively involved in her school as well as her community, where she is on the executive team of the Environment Club, Mock Trials Team, Buddies Club, and LEO Club amongst others. Further, she is passionate about youth engagement, and has started initiatives to help other youth get involved in their communities. To elaborate, Ruvini is part of the Surrey Leadership Youth Council, which provides grants, workshops, and other resources to local youth. She also played a leading role on the Surrey Leadership Action Conference Planning Team, where they organized the scope of a three-day leadership conference. She has also established a math tutoring club within her school, which provides free tutoring services to students. Ruvini hopes that through Project Pulse she can empower youth to realize their potential to discover the vast world of health sciences.