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Vancouver 2015 University Panel

All of our University Panel have kindly volunteered their time to be part of our conference. Without their generosity, our conference would not be able to happen. Stay tuned for more University Panelist and biographies!

Jordan Yeo

 Pre-medical student graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at SFU

Jordan Yeo recently completed his undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Counseling and Human Development. As a student, he was extremely involved on campus, having served as president of his fraternity and honor society chapters, sitting as a board member in the residence student government, working as a campus ambassador, orientation leader, and tour guide, and being an executive member of various clubs. For his involvement, Jordan became the recipient of the inaugural Build SFU Community Builder Award, and is also one of the youngest recipients of the Above and Beyond Award from Fraser Health for his initiative in developing a new orientation program for volunteers at Eagle Ridge Hospital. Currently, Jordan works as a Research Administrative Assistant for the BC Healthy Connections Project, a scientific evaluation of a nurse home-visiting program for young mothers. He is also in the process of applying to medical school and aspires to become a pediatrician or family doctor.


Stephanie Chauhan

 Masters in Occupational Therapy Student  

My name is Stephanie and I’m in my second year of my Masters of Occupational Therapy at UBC, after completing my undergrad in psych at the University of Victoria. I have worked on research with children with FASD, literacy, anxiety prevention programs, and autism. I am excited about OT and the endless possibilities this profession entails. I hope to work with children and youth with mental health issues.


Jeffrey Tam

 Nursing student at BCIT

My name is Jeffrey Tam and I am a Nursing student at BCIT. I knew before graduating from high school (Magee) that I wanted to be a nurse. I spent the next 2 years at Langara completing prerequisite courses before deciding to transfer into BCIT's program. My program at BCIT is 3 years long, and is very intensive. The journey to becoming a nurse is one of the most difficult and challenging life experiences I've ever had. It is a very rewarding experience being able to have a positive impact on people's lives. Nursing aside, I like hiking, creating art, and really bad puns. One benefit of nursing is that I am no longer grossed out by anything!


Loryn Bohne

Fourth Year Student at SFU, Bachelor in Biomedical Physiology

My name is Loryn Bohne and I am a fourth year student at SFU majoring in biomedical physiology. I am an aspiring medical student, but I am not ruling out any other careers just yet. I’ve always had a variety of interests—including science, art, and athletics—and I do my best to make sure I satisfy all of them so that I stay sane during the school year. I am truly in love with learning about the human body, though I have a slight obsession with the heart!

Isaiah Wolf

First-Year Kinesiology Student at UBC, doing the program through Douglas

All the clichés about love and human affection are right, we need each other. The health sciences would agree and fortunately I found that helping people has always been something I’ve enjoyed. There’s nothing like teaching your sister self-defence, then a basic first-aid lesson on how to heal my newly erupt black eye (thanks sis, no really, thanks). Though in the end, I hope these silly things I’ve done (teach a kid to whistle) help. But, it’s the hard feats I enjoy helping people with the most and in my life’s case those feats are often self-development related and more specifically, gym related. One day I will own a gym of my own and PT there but, until then I must take one step at a time. I graduated from Burnaby North Secondary School and came to Douglas with plans on finishing half my bachelors in kin at UBC. I’m an amazing rugby player and most times a gym rat (hence, the gym ownership dream) but also sometimes an avid reader. If you have any further inquiries upon how awesome I am or my self righteous ego, then you can email me at But seriously, if you have any questions I will act mature and respectful.