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Vancouver 2015 Professional Panel

All of our Professional Panel have kindly volunteered their time to be part of our conference. Without their generosity, our conference would not be able to happen.

Christina Krack

 Clinical Nurse Educator, Fraser EPI Program

Topic: Mental Health: Stigma and Early Intervention

Christina (Nina) Krack is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse since 1992, and has worked in the adult forensic system for seven years, spending two of the seven in New Zealand. She then spent seven years in Community Mental Health. Believing that knowledge and awareness about issues is fundamental to create social change, especially in regards to mental health, Nina pursued additional education in the field of Adult Education in Health and Human Services. She is, amongst others, a registered member of the International Early Psychosis Association, the BC Provincial Early Psychosis Community or Practice, and the Canadian National Police/Mental Health Liaison Committee. Nina is currently the Clinical Nurse Educator for the Fraser Early Psychosis Intervention Program, where she takes the initiative in creating and facilitating educational opportunities, with the intent of decreasing the stigma around mental illness.


Dr. Julian Davies

 Active Emeritus Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, UBC

Topic: Antibiotic Resistance Medical Research

Dr. Julian Davies had been interested in chemistry from a young age and as a result of his passion, received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Nottingham University in 1966. His enthusiasm has brought him all over the world, from his childhood home in England to Columbia University, New York, following the wave of chemical innovations. He spent years at the University of Wisconsin where he met his wife, before meeting an Australian microbiologist at the University of Manchester who sparked his current passion: microbiology and immunology. He then continued on to a senior postdoctoral position at Harvard Medical School where he began his work on antibiotic resistance. His journey has led him to experiences such as heading new departments in the Paris Pasteur Institute, to international biotech companies. He has received such distinctions as the Hoechst-Roussel Award (ASM 1986), the Society of General Microbiology Gold Medal 2012 and the ASM Lifetime Achievement Award 2013. In 1997, he retired as Department Head of Microbiology at UBC, but continues to research antibiotic research, earning him the title of Active Emeritus Professor.


Dr. Clare Morrison


Topic: Anesthesiologist in the OR

Dr. Clare Morrison was born in Northern Ireland but grew up in Cranbrook, BC. Her early interest was physics, earning a PhD in that field at UBC in 1992. She married another physicist in 1994 and has two children. She worked at the Cancer Agency in radiation physics until 1996, where she became passionate about the health sciences and decided to become a medical doctor. In that pursuit, she graduated as an anesthesiologist from UBC in 2006. In her spare time, she continues to be active, playing intramural sports during her university years and running, cycling and skiing now. In 2010, she volunteered on a medical mission as an anesthesiologist for the indigenous people of Guatemala. She is currently working as an anesthesiologist in the operating rooms at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, where her practice includes neurological, obstetrical and pediatric anesthesia.


Dr. Phalgun Joshi

Managing Director, Rick Hansen Institute

Topic: Biochemistry

As Managing Director of the Rick Hansen Institute’s Program Operations and Support, Phalgun Joshi is responsible for the overall planning, operations, reporting, performance evaluation and regulatory compliance of all translational research and best practice activities at RHI. Phalgun received his Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia and has published in diverse areas including genomics, gene therapy, drug discovery and parasitology. Prior to joining RHI, Phalgun was Director of Western Operations for PharmEng Technology, an international consulting company providing regulatory compliance and strategic planning services to clients in the health care and life science industries. At PharmEng, Phalgun held primary responsibility for business development, operations and management of regulatory compliance projects in Canada, US, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.


Dr. Gurdeep Parhar

 Executive Associate Dean - Clinical Affairs for the UBC - Faculty of Medicine


Dr. Gurdeep Parhar is the Executive Associate Dean - Clinical Affairs for the Faculty of Medicine as well as the UBC Acting-Associate Vice President Equity and Inclusion, and the Associate Dean, Equity and Professionalism. Dr. Parhar is the national Co-Chair for the Group on Professionalism for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC). Previously, he served as Co-Acting Head and Associate Head of the Department of Family Practice. Dr. Parhar’s clinical practice focuses on immigrants, refugees, workers’ health and patients with severe disabilities. His teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs includes: professionalism, equity, cultural safety, psychosocial aspects of healthcare, and medical disability. He is currently the principal investigator on educational innovation grants employing inter-professional models to address issues important to underserved populations, particularly Indigenous peoples. For MD Curriculum Renewal, Dr. Parhar chaired the Working Group on Social Responsibility and Accountability. He served as the national Co-Chair for the Resource Group on Equity, Diversity and Gender (EDG) for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC). Dr. Parhar coordinates annual Avoiding Mistreatment and Anti-Harassment workshops addressing racism, homophobia, bullying and boundary issues for medical and dental students. He co-hosts a weekly television program entitled Pearls for Success which targets the wellbeing of new Canadians.


Sefanit Habtom

 Recruitment and Admissions Officer, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

Sefanit Habtom is the Recruitment and Admissions Officer for UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science.  She is excited to speak to students about UBC’s new Pharmacy program, the Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy program, and what it can offer you!  This new program will be welcoming its first class Fall 2015.

Ricky Wu,a current 4th Pharmacy student will be joining Sefanit for the presentation 

Ricky Wu is a fourth year pharmacy student from the University of British Columbia. A graduate from Port Moody Secondary School, Ricky was active in his high school community by engaging in roles such as Vice President of Student Council and Co-Founder of the school’s community garden. These experiences ultimately inspired his decision to enter pharmacy – after all, this is a profession at the frontlines of healthcare, its accessibility enabling the fusion of community mindedness and patient-centered care. Most recently, Ricky was the Co-President of the professional pharmacy fraternity Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS), of which he oversaw endeavours in philanthropy, business, and professional engagement. Ricky’s passion lies in community pharmacy, a currently evolving landscape with growing emphasis on cognitive services. In this time of flux, Ricky aspires to become an innovative, personalised pharmacist whose delivery of patient-centered services will empower patients and improve the livelihood of the surrounding community.