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Vancouver 2015 Executive Team

Meet the 2014-2015 Project Pulse Vancouver Executive Team. 

Stephanie Lam 


Stephanie Lam is a first year university at Simon Fraser University in Fall 2014. She 
is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Life Science stream) in the faculty of Health Sciences. 
From a young age, Stephanie always had a strong passion for medicine and the health sciences. 
Her career goal is to become a doctor, specializing in paediatrics or paediatric psychiatry. With 
this goal to pursue the study of medicine, Stephanie has also developed a strong interest and 
love for humanitarian work. In her high school school community, she was always a strong 
leader in Me to We, a global humanitarian club, as well as the leader of Simply You, a program 
helping young girls develop positivity and gratitude. Stephanie also served as the Corporate 
Relations Director on the board of Girlsco., a non-profit organization, raising awareness about 
women’s issues. In 2014, she was awarded the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award for her 
leadership qualities and humanitarian work. When she isn’t working on her studies, she finds 
joy in helping others through different causes as well as tutoring math and sciences. As the 
President of Project Pulse Vancouver, Stephanie is extremely excited to provide an opportunity for 
high school students to explore the world of health sciences.

Rachel Ma

Financial Director 

Rachel is a Grade 12 student at Point Grey Secondary School, and in the Mini Enrichment Program. She serves as an executive in multiple organizations, and also founded a business and medical mentorship society called Campaign Genesis. In her spare time, she enjoys attending and staffing Model UN conferences, listening to music, and dreaming up ways to change the world. Academically, she has an affinity for Economics, and this has taught her skills that have proved to be invaluable in her role as Financial Director. Her desire to be a part of Project Pulse Vancouver stemmed from her own need for exposure to the medical field back in Grade 8. Without any formal conferences or organizations to be involved in, she found it difficult to prepare for a career in the health sciences. With the establishment of Project Pulse, she hopes that future students will have the opportunity to pursue their passion before university, and encourages them to do so.

Alice Huang 

Sponsorship Director

Alice Huang is the Sponsorship Co-Director for Project Pulse Vancouver. As a Grade 11 student at Moscrop Secondary School, Alice has founded her school’s Cancer Society and sits as President, while also taking the role of Secretary in Student Council, an executive member in her Environmental Council, President of the R-Force Volunteering Team, and Co-Chair of Fine Arts Council. Alice demonstrates her passion for philanthropy and community engagement outside of school by acting as a member on the Vancouver Philanthropy Council to delegate grants to encourage youth engagement. She also is an avid supporter of environmental sustainability, sitting as Chair on the youth garden initiative, Green Your City, and Secretary and School Representative of the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network. Her passion is surely in science and she acts as an Event Planner for the Vancouver High School Science Olympics, and a participant in the Future Science Leaders enrichment program at Science World. Alice is prepared to make Project Pulse an educational and enlightening experience for all participants!

Emily Lam 

Sponsorship Director 

Emily is a grade 9 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in the French Immersion Program. She is a very-well balanced individual with strong organization and leadership skills. Emily was part of her school’s debate team last year. She also organized many school events in leadership, including assemblies, school dances, a talent show, and a very successful mini we day. She organized for speakers from Me to We to go to her school, including Spencer West, Hannah Alper and Neverest. The event was very motivational and inspired many students and teachers at her school. Although Emily spends a lot of time with her extracurricular activities, she is a very conscientious student who works very hard at her academics. She has been on the honour roll since grade six and always strives to do her best. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports and music. Emily is very excited to be part of the Project Pulse Vancouver’s executive team.

Jonathan Han

University Panel Director 

Jonathan Han is a junior at Burnaby North Secondary who has an outgoing love for science and creativity. His favorite subjects at school include Physics, Maths, and Psychology. Jonathan strives to constantly enrich his lifestyle through immersing himself in athletics and extracurriculars such as baseball, where he has played for the Vancouver Cannons of the BC 18U Premier League. At school, Jonathan is involved in many clubs such as Science Challenge, Astronomy club, book talk, and Student Newspaper, and holds executive positions in many of his clubs. This year, Jonathan has received a number of awards and recognitions, including in regional science fairs and the 2014 Dupont Science Essay Contest. Jonathan's hobbies include photography, tai chi, and music. At the mere age of 12, Jonathan completed his RCM Grade 10 Piano Examination and now works on transcription and audio engineering projects. He is also a BC Lifesaving Society assistant water safety instructor. Jonathan hopes that he will gain insight into the world of health sciences through Project Pulse, which will act as a stepping stone for him towards pursuing a career in life or health sciences.

Demetra Barbacuta

University Panel Director  

Demetra Barbacuta is a first-year student at Simon Fraser University studying to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences. She will then pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse, specializing in either pediatrics, oncology or trauma. By attending Simon Fraser University and then a nursing program, she is approaching health from a biological, social, behavioural and policy sciences standpoint. Demetra believes in giving back to those in need and is an avid humanitarian-in-training. She co-lead Free the Children’s Me to We Program at her high school helping locally and globally, participated in Project H.E.L.L.O (Helping Everyone Locate Loved Ones) where she reconnected homeless citizens on the Downtown Eastside with family and friends and has raised over $2000 for cancer research through the Canadian Cancer Foundation’s Relay for Life and by organizing a community carnival for her school’s Terry Fox Run. She hopes that Project Pulse will give high school students the opportunity to reach out in the world of health sciences, giving them the chance to expand their knowledge and experiences.

Priscilla Choi

Professional Panel Director

Priscilla Choi is the Professional Panel Co-Director for Project Pulse Vancouver and is a senior this year at Burnaby North High School. She has wanted to be a doctor for most of her life, and has therefore been active in predominantly science and academics-based extracurricular activities, though she has recently turned her ambitions towards law. She is the head executive for her school’s Science Challengers club, and is also the Executive Director of the Greater Vancouver High School Science Association. Priscilla has a wide variety of interests, which is well supported by her active participation in her school’s AP program. She is adept at languages, speaking three fluently and working on another two. She loves trying new things, talking to a wide variety of people, and using the Oxford comma whenever she remembers to do so. She has had a great deal of experience organizing events, with youth-led organizations and also independently. Most recently, she organized a successful talk for her school by the President of Integrated Conservation, Brent Loken. Priscilla looks forward to the success of Project Pulse Vancouver, and hopes that each and every participant enjoys their time at the conference.

Athena Huynh

Professional Panel Director

Athena Huynh is a first year student in the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia. From a young age, Athena knew she wanted to pursue a career in the health sciences, and she has spent the past 12 years working toward that goal. When she is not studying, Athena is either tutoring others in math and science or volunteering and participating in various activities around the community. During her time at University Hill Secondary, she took on several leadership roles in the school and was awarded multiple service and citizenship awards for her work. Some of the groups which she helped to lead include the Health Helpers Club, the Sponsor A Child Club, the Intramurals Club, and the Green Roof Committee. Taken together, these pursuits represent her commitment to health, philanthropy, physical activity, and environmental sustainability. By participating in Project Pulse, Athena hopes to provide support and information for students interested in the health sciences, as well as to connect with individuals who share her passion in this area.

Billy Lin 

Creative Director

Billy is a Grade 10 student at Burnaby North Secondary school. Billy Lin is your Creative Director for Project Pulse and he will also be one of the starting directors of a very ambitious new conference seeking to bring together all who are interested in the venerable field of health sciences. His passion for health science results from a curiosity and fascination for the human body; how everything has a role and a job to do interest Billy to no end. However, his main passion is the behaviour and characteristics of the various diseases and disorders, respectively that go on with the body. The symptoms and the cures for the disorders are like puzzles waiting to be solved. As expected, Billy seeks a future in health sciences and medicine when he grows up. However, he doesn’t spend all his time studying. He plays the alto saxophone, and is a member of a jazz combo called the Jazz Aces. The Jazz Aces have already performed at various venues and are working on recording some of their songs. Billy also regularly volunteers for Colourful World as a field marshal for various marathons and races. He is extremely excited to hold a successful conference with Project Pulse Vancouver.

Cathy Jiang

Creative Director 

Cathy Jiang is a senior student studying at Burnaby North Secondary School. Possessing a long-standing love for the health sciences, she hopes that she will eventually acquire a profession in the medical field. Currently she aspires to become either an oncologist or a gerontologist. While she enjoys writing poetry, dancing, and hiking, one of her true passions is music. Immersed at a young age, music fails to leave her mind for any interval greater than several minutes. Aside from many school-related co-curricular activities, she has had two priceless volunteer opportunities. One of these opportunities has been at New Vista Care Home as a dementia visitor and a musician. The other has been working as a performer, and recently the Burnaby Coordinator for the youth organization We Youth Help. The times where she has been able to share her passion for music and benefit those in a health-care facility hold irreplaceable value to her heart. Dedicated and excited for the upcoming conference, she ensures to do her best in making Project Pulse 2015 an enriching and rewarding experience for all who attend.

Beini Yin 

Logistics Director

Beini is currently a grade 11 student at JN Burnett Secondary school. Her passion for 
science and involvement in the local community, such as volunteering at the Richmond 
Hospital, City Centre Association and Canadian Blood Services started from a young age. At 
school, she is the Events Coordinator of Student Council, and the president of Breakers that 
Believe—a volunteer club that provides youth with valuable opportunities for making 
connections with others while contributing to the community. In her spare time, she enjoys 
playing the Chinese Zither, writing songs on her guitar, playing badminton, swimming, and of 
course, making people smile. In the future, she looks forward to a career in the field of applied 
science or health science. She hopes that everyone will have a wonderful time at the 
conference, and be empowered to pursue a future in health science after attending Project 
Pulse Vancouver!

Joel Ahn 

Logistics Director 

Joel Ahn is a grade 12 student at Dr Charles Best Secondary School. He enjoys the 
STEM field and takes a particular interest in both physics and mathematics. While he achieves 
both high academic standings, Joel also engages in many initiatives in the school community. 
He was the co-president of the first Relay for Life Cancer fundraiser, raising over $15,000 to 
donate to cancer. He was also invited to hold an executive position at the newly found Kew 
Club. Joel is an important member of the math team and a regular math tutor, bringing 
forward his knowledge to represent his school and help others. He is also extremely involved 
with Pi of the Tiger, a club hosting math camps for incoming grade 9 students. In the past, he 
ran Cross Country, and Track & Field; and competed in marching band competitions. His 
hobbies include piano, trumpet, singing, reading, running, and sketching. Joel looks forward to 
bringing a new conference to Vancouver during 2015. 

Cynthia Zhou

Graphics Designer 

Cynthia is a grade 11 IB student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and is pleasured to 
take on the graphic designer role for Project Pulse Vancouver 2015. She is an aspiring and 
ambitious youth who is hoping to pursue a career in architecture or landscape engineering, a 
field in which combines her passion for design and her interest in science. She is pleased to 
help carry out the conference with her artistic creativity and graphic design skills. Other than 
designing graphics, Cynthia can be found in various local and national organizations, including 
World Vision Canada and TEDxKids BC. She is also honored to be a national finalist for Miss 
World Canada 2015, where she will compete against other finalists around Canada while 
promoting her beliefs on a national stage. She hopes that everyone will have an amazing 
experience at Project Pulse Vancouver 2015.