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Toronto 2017 Executive Team


Meet the 2016/17 Project Pulse Toronto Executive Team

Ashlee Jiang & Vicky Chang



Vicky Chang is a grade 12 student currently enrolled in the MaCS Program at William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. She is an ardent student who especially favours courses in biology, engineering, and chemistry. She has enhanced her passion for health sciences through many extracurricular initiatives, from volunteering at local hospitals, mentoring others as the VP of Training for her school’s HOSA chapter, to attending SHAD, and participating in enrichment programs at M.I.T. In addition, she acts as the academics editor for Mackenzie’s school yearbook. Vicky turns to hobbies such as playing piano and violin and reading to keep herself sane in the midst of her hectic student life.

Vicky looks forward to working closely with the Project Pulse Executive team this year to reach out and help high school students open their minds in regards to working in the field of health science, so they may be inspired by the many health science careers awaiting them in the future.

Ashlee Jiang is a grade 12 student currently attending the Academy of Gifted Children – PACE. She is passionate about her academic studies and is interested in the sciences, mathematics and computer science. She also is very involved in school activities, such as running extracurricular activities at her school and being the yearbook editor. She has attended SHAD, as well as other programs to further develop her leadership skills. Her hobbies include, reading, painting as well as writing.

Ashlee is extremely passionate about the health sciences and she believes that Project Pulse is an excellent way of educating and inspiring youth who are equally as passionate about health sciences as she is.



Nazanin Soghrati & Praveen Sritharan  

University and Professional Panels Directors 


Praveen Sritharan is in grade 12 and attends Glenforest Secondary School as an IB student in Mississauga. He is super excited to serve as a panelist director for this year’s conference, and will make sure that attendees have the opportunity to connect with professionals and students from many different fields in the health sciences. In his free time, he plays basketball and the piano. You can also see Praveen partaking in many activities which range from being president of his school’s Youth Medical Association, executive of Glenforest STEM, Aspiring Youth Peel, DECA Fundraising Committee, and the president/co-founder of Astronomers United. He also is involved with volunteering at the Mississauga hospital.

This year, Praveen is extremely excited to bring panelists that will certainly inspire conference attendees. He is extremely passionate about the health sciences, and thinks Project Pulse can spread this passion to many other students across the GTA.

Nazanin is a Grade 10 student at Bayview Secondary School. From a young age, she has been enthralled by the mystery and complexity of the human body, from the billions of neuronal circuits powering the brain to the rhythmic palpation of the heart. Aside from learning more about the enigmas of biology, she enjoys creative writing and swimming.

For her, Project Pulse is a wonderful way to broaden one’s horizons in the world of Health Sciences and inform other students of the numerous opportunities available to them in Canada. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the medical profession, and through the Project Pulse 2017 Conference, Nazanin hopes to help both herself and others about what truly lies behind a career as a physician. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to her!



Hansneer Bhurji and Ya Jing Liu 

Marketing Directors 


Ya Jing Liu is a grade 12 International Baccalaureate student at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute. She has a passion for STEM and health sciences, ranging from biomed to global health. At school, she is involved with student council, leads her school's debate club and HOSA chapter. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports such as swimming, field hockey and water polo. Additionally, she also loves volunteering at North York General Hospital and UHN's Toronto General Hospital to give back to the community. She has also attended UofT's DEEP Summer Academy 2016 where she took courses on biotechnology, regenerative medicine and the future of surgery.

Ya Jing believes Project Pulse is an amazing conference for all high school students who are interested in exploring the fascinating world of health and medicine. She believes this opportunity will inspire young innovators, create lifelong connections and help high school students discover their future career path.

Hansneer Bhurji is a grade 11 International Baccalaureate student at Turner Fenton in Brampton. She has a passion for STEM and Biomed. At, school she is involved in planning many mentorship conferences such as IBMC and is part of the HOSA chapter. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and photography and is also part of the Yearbook club at her school. Outside of school, she is part of Air Cadets which has helped further develop her leadership and work ethics. And she is a volunteer at the Brampton Civic Hospital. She helps lead summer camps called “Little Einsteins” at community libraries to teach little kids both math and science, through creative and fun ways. She is also the founder of the arts and literature for kids program, which donates new books and art supplies to the Sickkids hospital through fundraisers.

Hanseer is excited to be on the Project Pulse exec team and hopes to bring a fun and informative conference to high school students across the GTA.



Abbira Nadarajah and Varun Jain 

External Relations Directors 


Varun Jain is a grade 12 student in the International Baccalaureate Program at Glenforest Secondary School and he is a part of the 2017 Project Pulse Executive Team as the Director of External Relations. Varun is a passionate student within the STEM field and explores these potential career paths through his involvement with the Youth Medical Association at Glenforest Secondary. In addition, he is involved as an ambassador as a part of the Foundation for Student Science and Technology, as a research student at the University of Toronto and as an executive of the Glenforest STEM Team, who run the largest student-run conference in North America. In his free time, Varun enjoys staying active through his involvement on the Mississauga Blues Rugby team, Glenforest Swim team and through a variety of other athletics. Varun also enjoys music and finds himself listening to music for a large portion of the day.

Varun’s dedication to active living and his love for the sciences has inspired him to pursue a career in medicine and health sciences. He aspires to one day become a neuroscientist. Varun is ecstatic to be the Project Pulse Team’s Director of External Relations and hopes that he will help inspire youth to pursue a career in the world of the sciences.

Abbira Nadarajah is a grade 12 student who attends Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Markham and she is the external relations director of Project Pulse 2017. She has a passion for exploring the health sciences field and public health issues. As such she has worked towards identifying mental health issues within her community as a part of Markham-Stouffville Youth Council under the guidance of Honourable Jane Philpott. She also is an executive member of Unionville Youth Council. She has planned and chaired many events around Markham through her council. Most recently, she chaired Markham Idol, a local singing competition that donates all proceeds to the Canadian Health Association. Furthermore, in school she is a part of her high school’s DECA chapter and yearbook committee. She also helps grade nines in her school successfully transition from elementary to secondary school as part of the school’s mentor team. Aside from this, she enjoys volunteering for various events and organizations. She also is an ambitious photographer.

Abbira is excited to be a part of the Project Pulse 2017 executive team and is dedicated to create a memorable experience for all the attendees. She hopes to create an educational atmosphere that allows high school students to explore the world of health sciences in a fresh perspective.


Jaime Wai 

Financial Director 


Jaime Wai is a grade 12 student at Markville Secondary School with a great passion towards the STEM field and business. At school, Jaime is involved with peer tutoring, DECA, and is a violist with her school’s string orchestra. She loves to travel and enjoys playing a variety of sports. Outside of school, Jaime enjoys volunteering with a variety of local organizations and is involved with STEM Fellowship, a non profit organization that equips the next generation of student leaders and innovators with skills in data science and scholarly writing. In her free time, Jaime can be found going on runs in her local community, skiing, or baking.

Jaime is super excited to be part of Project Pulse and is very eager to work with an amazing group of leaders. She cannot wait to connect with everyone at the conference and knows this year will be an amazing opportunity to open and inspire high school students into the world of health sciences.


Vivian Liu 

Graphics Designer 

Vivian Liu is a grade 10 student at Thornhill Secondary School and is the Graphic Designer on the Project Pulse Team. She is passionate about the STEM fields and is interested in pursuing a career path in this direction. To keep herself busy, her hobbies including playing piano, drawing, playing badminton, and trying new foods. Outside of Project Pulse, Vivian is continuously seeks out opportunities for enrichment, and is a member of Markham Mayor’s Youth Council. As well, she is engaged in different clubs at her school, and is the co-director of communications at her school’s DECA chapter.  

Vivian is excited to be serving on the 2017 Project Pulse team and is looking forward to help organise a successful conference this year.


Grace Huang 

Logistics Director 


Grace Huang is a grade 11 student in the International Baccalaureate program at Bayview Secondary School. Grace is passionate about the health sciences, and loves spending time working at a local health clinic and leading her school’s HOSA chapter. She enjoys volunteering in her community, devoting her time to working at summer camps and recreation programs. She has also travelled internationally as part of the Teach Abroad program to teach foreign students English. In her free time, you can find her practising DECA cases, playing the piano, or reading a good book.

As the Project Pulse Logistics Director for the 2017 year, Grace wants to encourage high school students to discover and explore the fascinating field of the health sciences through Project Pulse. Whether it be through networking with health professionals, connecting with other like-minded students, or deepening their understanding of the health sciences, she wants every individual to have a memorable experience. Grace loves interacting with new people and is looking forward to meeting all the attendees. If you see her at the conference, make sure to say hello!


Olga Starenky 

Ambassador Director 

Olga Starenky is a grade 11 MaCS program student at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute. She loves biology and chemistry, which led her to discover her passion for the health sciences. She makes an effort to seek out enrichment opportunities wherever possible. Outside of school, Olga can be found passionately competing in her school’s HOSA chapter, holding an executive position in her DECA chapter, as well as volunteering at Toronto General Hospital with the University Health Network to help her community. She will also be serving as the Provincial Director of Sponsorships for Target Alpha for the 2017-2018 year. When she isn’t busy studying or working at a chocolate store, she can be found reading, watching Friends, baking, or making plans to travel the world.

Olga can’t wait to share her enthusiasm about Project Pulse with like-minded peers at the 2017 conference and work with all the ambassadors. She’s excited to show students the vast range of opportunities present in the health sciences field, and she’s thrilled to be working towards making the conference a great success.