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Toronto 2015 University Panel



Veeral Desai


McMaster University

 Health Sciences

Veeral is a first year student at McMaster University enrolled in the Health Sciences Program. He has recently graduated from Cameron Heights C.I. in Kitchener, Ontario with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

He is very excited to attend Project Pulse this year as a panelist as he was one of the co-founders of Project Pulse along with University Panelist Mijia Murong. 

Veeral is a varsity rowing athlete at McMaster University and is an avid soccer player. He is open to answering any question on effective time management with both school and sports. 


Mijia Murong



McMaster University

 Health Sciences

Mijia is a first year student at McMaster University enrolled in the Health Sciences Program. She has recently graduated from Cameron Heights C.I. in Kitchener, Ontario with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

Project Pulse has a very special place in her heart as she is a co-founder of Project Pulse, so she is very excited to return as a panelist. 

Mijia enjoys volunteering at kids ability, the library, and the renaissance school of the arts. Some of her hobbies include swimming, piano, sketching, and reading; and she also take an avid interest in video editing and film making.



Stephanie Zhou


University of Toronto & Rotman School of Managment 

Combined Degree- Medicine & Managment

Stephanie is a second year medical student and LEAD Scholar at the University of Toronto where she is part of a combined degree with the Faculty of Medicine, Rotman School of Management, and the School of Public Policy. Outside of class, she is the producer of Daffydil 2016, the medical school musical showcasing talented student acts this February 17-20th.






Elizabeth Liao

University of Toronto

Medical School

Elizabeth is a second year medical student at the University of Toronto. She previously did her 3-year BSc at Queen's University. She loves studying medicine but also has many other interests and hobbies, including varsity figure skating.





Hannah Lark


University of Toronto - Trinity College

Life Sciences

Hannah Lank was born in Winnipeg and moved to Toronto this year to study Life Sciences at Trinity College, University of Toronto. She is a SHAD alumni, U of T Prince of Wales Scholar, and a Loran scholar. Hannah is interested in pursuing a major in Human Biology with a double minor in History and Philosophy. Ultimately, Hannah would like to pursue a career in medicine as a reconstructive surgeon. She loves to play basketball, read, cook, and travel.



Mehul Garach

University of Western Ontario

Medical School

Mehul is a fourth year medical student at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. After graduation Mehul hopes to pursue a residency in orthopaedic surgery. His other interests include golf, photography, and travel.





Jessie MacAlpine

University of Toronto

 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Computer Science

Named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 in 2014, Jessie has been completing primary research since the age of 12. Her work has spanned a multitude of fields incuding genetics, agriculture, infectious disease and plant ecology. She is currently a third year student at the University of Toronto studying microbiology and molecular genetics as well as computer science.




Humayun Ahmed  

University of Toronto

 Masters Degree

Humayun is a first-year Master's student at the University of Toronto who, after graduating summa cum laude from Drake with a B.A. in biology and neuroscience, began conducting research across many fields (neuropsych., pain med., health policy, pediatric radiology, and breast cancer genetics), receiving scholarships and international publications. As an instructor and entrepreneur, Humayun also teaches at the undergraduate level, has founded and directs several education-related initiatives (e.g., 99point9), and is Business Partner at Oxford Learning. In his spare time, he has acted as a corporate development and investment research analyst for Seeking Alpha, an editor-in-chief for a finance media agency, a lead compliance analyst for the G8 Research Group, a social media and marketing consultant for Prep101, a business strategy and career development advisor to a COO, the organizer of several professional dev. and youth enrichment conferences, and a keynote speaker at 15+ events. Humayun is also interested in coding, polyglottism, law, and management consulting.



Andrew Prine

McMaster University

Medical School