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2014 Toronto Executive Team


Bijal Desai 


Bijal Desai is a grade 11 student at Cameron Heights C.I. enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program. Her favorite subjects in school include science, physics, math and art. She keeps herself involved in school by participating in various clubs such as DECA, Key Club, Agents for Change, Student Council and Debate. She also enjoys running and playing soccer competitively. Her hobbies include drawing, painting and playing the guitar and piano. Bijal aspires to become a physician in the future.


For her, Project Pulse is an excellent way to broaden one's horizons in the world of Heath Sciences. It can help inform students, of the innumerable opportunities available, and can help increase connections between themselves and skilled professionals. Bijal hopes that she will make Project Pulse 2014 a great help to keen high school students entering the world of Health Sciences.

Veeral Desai

Financial Director and Co-Founder of Project Pulse


Hello! I’m Veeral and I am a grade 12 student at Cameron Heights C. I. At school I enjoy the sciences and mathematics. I keep myself occupied by participating in various school teams and clubs such as Model UN, Key Club, Student Council and Debate and by playing various sports such as Badminton, Track and Field and Soccer. 

I founded Project Pulse as way to not only help educate other students like me, who one day hope to enter the medical field, but to increase communication between these students and those in the field. My hope is that through Pulse, we can bridge the gap between the professionals, universities and high-school students, by providing everyone with a cost-efficient and informative conference where people can network and interact in a way that will promote the health sciences.


Yuan Qiu  

Logistics Manager


Yuan Qiu is a Grade 11 student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program. Her favourite subjects in school include Science, Math, Psychology, and English, and she would love to pursue a future in the Health Sciences. She is very passionate about piano and is currently working on her Grade 10 Practical exam, and she also loves to play the cello and violin. She enjoys teamwork and staying fit, so she does Field Hockey, Swim Team, Badminton, and Track and Field.  She has experimented in the world of TV acting because she loves public speaking and trying new things. She is the Grade 11 Representative of Key Club. She is also involved in Student Activities Council, Athletic Council, and Debate Team. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. She hopes that Project Pulse will provide a better understanding of the field of medicine and answer the questions of many students and parents on the subject of health sciences so that students can better prepare themselves for the long journey ahead!

Miija Murong 

Outreach Director and Co-Founder of Project Pulse

Hello! My name Is Mijia and I am a grade 12 student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. I am currently studying under the IB program, and my favorite subjects are math, English, and physics. I work as a tutor at a local Kumon center, and I enjoy volunteering at Kids Ability, the library, and The Renaissance School of the Arts. Some of my hobbies include swimming, piano, sketching, and reading; and I also take an avid interest in video editing and film making.

I have always been interested in the field of medicine; I want to be a doctor because it is the only profession that I have ever considered for myself.  My decision to co-found Project Pulse was not only to further associate myself and others with the field of medicine, but more importantly to aid people like myself, who have never considered becoming anything but a medical professionals, determine if this is what they really want. I see project pulse as an opportunity to get to know the field by real stories of real people, rather than simply through books, TV shows, and magazine success stories. 

Aashi Saraf

Public Relations Manager

Aashi Saraf is a highly motivated grade 11 International Baccalaureate student. Her favorite subjects include Science, Math and Computer Programming. She is involved in activities at school including DECA, Debate, Key Club, Student Activities Council and is a Dance Executive for the Arts Showcase. She plays Badminton and Field Hockey in and out of school. Aashi is a part of a Bollywood Fusion Dance group and attends Hindi Language School. She has worked at KUMON, a Math and reading Centre since 2012 and is also a student there. Her hobbies include dancing, playing sports, computer programming, and reading.

April Liu 

Sponsorship Manager

April Liu is a grade 12 student enrolled in the Woodlands School’s enhanced learning program. Herfavourite courses include chemistry, biology, and math. At school, she is involved in DECA and Prefects, an organization dedicated to raising funds for various charities around the world. Outside of school, she works as a synchronized swimming coach, a swim instructor and a tutor. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, playing the flute and swimming. She used to do competitive synchronized swimming for seven years.

April hopes that Project Pulse will be able to give students interested in the health sciences an opportunity explore the possibilities in the field. She wants Project Pulse to give students an chance to network with various university students and professionals and ask them any questions that they may have

Lovdeep Singh 

Graphics Designer 

Lovdeep Singh is a grade 11 student at Enver Creek Secondary school in Surrey, British Columbia. His favourite subjects include the sciences, mathematics, and social studies. At school, he leads an environmental club and enjoys volunteering with the Students' Council. Lovdeep has competed in the VEX Robotics World Championships and participated in the Future Science Leaders program at the TELUS World of Science. Powered by his passion toward the sciences, he strives to make more sense of the universe around him.

Parnika Sharma 

Outreach Director


Parnika Sharma is a grade 12 student in the International Baccalaureate program at Turner Fenton Secondary School. Her favourite subjects are Biology, English and Business and her hobbies include volunteering for different organizations, playing the drums and the piano, reading, singing and playing volleyball.

She is actively involved in extra-curricular activities both in and outside of school, such as writing for the school newspaper, playing volleyball at her school and with an out-of-school league, being part of the Brampton East Youth Advisory Team and being the club president of both her school’s Earth Core Council and the PlanYouth chapter at her school (associated with Plan International and most commonly known for the "Because I am a Girl" initiative). Parnika is also currently the Talent Manager for Count Me In, a youth-led organization that promotes youth involvement and helps connect youth to opportunities in the community.

Parnika wishes to pursue a career in the field of medicine and feels that Project Pulse provides a perfect opportunity for students to learn about the field of medicine as a career choice from professionals and students.

Emily Thorburn-Winsor

Creative Director

Emily Thorburn-Winsor is a grade 12 student at the University of Toronto Schools. Her favourite subjects are biology, math and visual art. She also participates in the mini-medical club, sings in the acapella group “musical”, is an illustrator for the school’s multilingual newspaper “Echo” and is a member of the ski team. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, swimming and reading.

In the future she aspires to be a doctor.

Through Project Pulse she hopes to help notify students of the immense opportunities offered by the health sciences, and help to create connections between healthcare professionals and interested students. Emily hopes that this conference will help students who are looking to broaden their understanding of what it means to be a part of this field, and potentially determine if this is the right career path for them. She also hopes project pulse will help give students the information they need to plan for the future path ahead.

Elsie Loukiantchenko 

Professional Panel Directore


Elsie Loukiantchenko is a high school student at the PACE Academy for Gifted Children. Being incredibly passionate about science and biology, Elsie has tried to immerse herself in the field. She studied marine biology at the Roatan Institute for Marine Biology, and was a gene researcher in a world-renowned genetics lab. She also won multiple awards at science Olympics, and never misses the opportunity to learn more about the world. Being passionate about many different things, Elsie is also part of a world champion Robotics team, where she gets to build robots and listen to other people’s sometimes strange music choices. Elsie is also the founder of Big Tobacco Lies, an advocacy campaign made with the help of the Canadian Cancer society. She is an avid debater, and won awards in multiple Model United Nations. Elsie volunteers at various different organizations, and has been performing Spanish dance for 13 years.

Elsie is a very compassionate and driven person. One of Elsie’s biggest hobbies is writing, and she has won many awards, both local and international. She is an avid reader, and when not writing in the third person, devotes quite a bit of her free time to reading about the far-off galaxies she will someday visit. 


Thank you to our Ambassadors:

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