The field of health sciences is both extremely intriguing and rewarding. Yet, for many students, there exists a lack of exposure to this extremely valuable field. Our team aims to eliminate popular misconceptions of health sciences for secondary and post-secondary students, and to engage students interested in pursuing a career in this field through interactions with physicians, graduate school admission representatives and exemplary post-secondary and graduate students. We provide a platform that opens up conversation between students and distinguished individuals in the field of health sciences

Project Pulse is an organization that hopes to create  yearly conventions throughout Canada. We hope that our conferences familiarize  motivated  students with the world of health sciences. Project Pulse aims to arrange for students to have direct contact with working professionals, university representatives and other distinguished individuals in the field to enable them to learn as much as possible about the field of Healthcare.Students and parents who attend our conferences are given a unique insight into the health sciences and have the opportunity to learn from distinguished speakers and panelists. 

Many students have unanswered questions about this field, and  Pulse aims to give them the answers they are looking for. Through preliminary surveys, it was found that over 50% of high school students consider health sciences as a definite possibility for their future career. Of those students, almost three quarters have unanswered questions regarding universities and field prospects. Project Pulse offers an opportunity for such students to find answers and receive accurate and reliable information about the field they plan on pursuing.