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With skills and knowledge that Healthcare providers rely on

Project Pulse is offering a diverse number of workshops for Spark 2016. This is to make your experience at our next conference personalized and relevant to you. Workshops will be held from 1 pm to 2:30 pm, during that time you can attend 2 of the workshop below. If you have paid for your ticket, please register for workshops below.

Spaces are limited and given on a first come first serve basis.

About the Workshops

Performing a Suture

Learn how to suture an open wound simulated on a skin-mimicking pad. You will be using the same instruments that healthcare providers such nurses and doctors use to suture wounds and surgical incisions. The workshop is led by trained medical students who will help you through the process of learning this exciting technique!


Clinical Skills in Acute Chest Pain

Interested in medicine? Want to know what doctors really do in the field? Join Simon, a UOttawa medical student, who will be going through a realistic case study involving acute chest pain in the Emergency Department. He will be giving an interactive presentation on how doctors would diagnose and treat it. This would involve lots of diagnostic evaluations, tests, management, and would dive into ECGs and Chest X-Rays. This case would be based on the many patients he himself has seen in the ED.


Emergency Medicine Residency

Dr. Lorne Weisenfeld leads this exciting view into life as an emergency room doctor! With nine years of experience as the residency director of RCPSC Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program at the Ottawa Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine, he has many incredible stories to share


Introduction to MedVent Program

The purpose of the Medical Venturer program is to introduce youths to the medical field, provide the youth an opportunity to determine their potential and desire in first aid. The first link in the chain of survival is first aid. The MedVent program allows youths work closely with various people whose chosen career is in the Medical field. With the aid of their sponsors, many MedVent groups provides the youth an introduction in the operations of a paramedicine organization. Several members of this program will be leading a workshop sharing their experiences, the injuries they've treated and how you could get involved.


Medical School Admission Process

Several medical school students will lead a discussion about their experiences applying for Medical school. They will be happy to provide tips for the the application process and what they did to prepare.


Actions for Healthcare

Actions for Healthcare is a partner organization of Project Pulse Ottawa. Having led several conferences similar to Project Pulse at the university level, they will be leading an interactive workshop. More details will be announced within the next few days.