Founding Organization Presidents


2013 - present

Bijal Desai

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Bijal Desai is a second year student at McMaster University in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program, currently in the child health specialization . 
Her favourite subjects in university thus far have been inquiry, cellular biology, and medical terminology. In her free time she enjoys spending time working out, running and playing with her dog, Pebbles. Her hobbies include drawing, painting and playing the guitar and piano.
For her, Project Pulse is an excellent way to broaden one's horizons in the world of Heath Sciences. It can help inform students, of the innumerable opportunities available, and can help increase connections between themselves and skilled professionals. Bijal hopes that she will make Project Pulse, the organization as a whole, a great help to keen students entering the world of Health Sciences.           

2013 - 2014

Veeral Desai & Mijia Murong

Hello! I’m Veeral and I am a third year student at McMaster, in the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program, with a Child health specialization. I keep myself occupied by participating in McMaster's Varsity Rowing team and intramural sports such as  Soccer. 
I founded Project Pulse as way to not only help educate other students like me, who one day hope to enter the medical field, but to increase communication between these students and those in the field. My hope is that through Pulse, we can bridge the gap between the professionals, universities and high-school students, by providing everyone with a cost-efficient and informative conference where people can network and interact in a way that will promote the health sciences. 
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Hello! My name is Mijia and I am a third year student at McMaster University, in the Bachelor of Health Sciences, with a Global health specilization.  Some of my hobbies include swimming, piano, sketching, and reading; and I also take an avid interest in video editing and film making.
I have always been interested in the field of medicine; I want to be a doctor because it is the only profession that I have ever considered for myself. My decision to co-found Project Pulse was not only to further associate myself and others with the field of health sciences, but more importantly to aid people like myself, who have never considered becoming anything but a medical professionals, determine if this is what they really want. I see Project Pulse as an opportunity to get to know the field by real stories of real people, rather than simply through books, tv shows, and magazine success stories.