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Newfoundland 2015 Speakers and Panels

  1. Jessica Amand, Social Work
  2. Cindy Murphy, Dietician- Nephrology Services
  3. Chris Harris,Advanced Care Paramedic
  4. Donald Drover, Flight Nurse
  5. Jennifer Sears, Clinician- Physiotherapy
  6. Kim Furlong, Dalhousie Liaison- Physiotherapy
  7. Dr. Jaqueline Tucker, Orthodontist
  8. Linda Macpherson, Nephrology Nurse

  1. Peter Gregory, Biochem Major and Chem Minor, Start Med School August 2015
  2. Nadine Rockwood, BSc honors in Psychology (May 2015) Start Med School August 2015
  3. Steven Rowe, Pharmacy Student
  4. Brian Harnett, Joint Degree BioChem/Behavioural Neuroscience; Med School Acceptance
  5. Stephanie Pomeroy, Undergrad in Nutriton and Masters in Public Health
  6. Cody Dunne, Start Med School August 2015
  7.  Sarah Veber, Loran Scholar 2014 studying a double major in Music and Science at University of Ottawa

  1. Dr. James Rourke, Dean of MUN Medicine and Family Physician
  2. Janice Drover, Chiropractic Sports Specialist and member of host medical services team for 2010 Paralympic Vancouver Games
  3. Dr. Andrew Furey, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon and Team Leader for Broken Earth