Features Overview

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Ashlee Jiang is a grade 11 student currently attending the Academy of Gifted Children – PACE. She is passionate about her academic studies and is interested in the sciences, mathematics and computer science. She also is very involved in school activities, such as running extracurricular activities at her school and being the yearbook editor. She has attended SHAD, as well as other programs to further develop her leadership skills. Her hobbies include, reading, painting as well as writing. Ashlee is extremely passionate about the health sciences and she believes that Project Pulse is an excellent way of educating and inspiring youth who are equally as passionate about health sciences as she is.

Vice President

Angelina Jin is a grade 12 student attending the International Baccalaureate Program at Bayview Secondary. She is passionate about STEM and humanitarian aid and envisions a world where the two fields can work collaboratively. At school, she is currently the president of her school’s Red Cross Chapter focusing on fundraising and awareness campaigns for disaster relief and international humanitarian efforts and is also the president of the Bioethics Club that emphasizes the social repercussions and ethical dilemmas associated with cutting-edge laboratory activities. In her spare time, she can be found  inventing creative and healthy baking recipes. Angelina is excited to be serving on the Project Pulse team and hopes the 2016 Conference will challenge youths to view the world of health sciences on a holistic level.


Abdulrahman Al Bochi.JPG

Panels Director

Abdulrahman Al Bochi is a grade 12 International Baccalaureate French immersion student at White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville. He has a passion for helping others, being involved in leadership opportunities and giving back to his community. He aspires to pursue a career in the medical field and spread a message for healthy living. Some of his favorite subjects include Biology, Chemistry and French. He enjoys participating in public speaking tournaments and being involved in extracurricular activities such as debate and various humanitarian organizations. He is also a proud 2016 SHAD fellow. Abdulrahman believes that Project Pulse is an amazing opportunity for anyone to become familiar with the world of health sciences as well as develop a passion for it. He is confident that with the help of the incredible panelists, no questions will be left unanswered. He believes that this conference is so special because of its opportunity to create lifelong connections with individuals in health sciences and beyond. Abdulrahman is excited to make Project Pulse Toronto 2016 a conference you won’t want to miss!

Lauren Sobot.JPG

Panels Director

Lauren Sobot is a grade 12 student enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program at Assumption Secondary School in Burlington. Biology is by far her favourite subject, followed by math and American history. Lauren makes a conscious effort to seek out enrichment opportunities wherever possible. She has participated in Waterloo Unlimited, University of Toronto’s Medical Youth Summer Program, McMaster Mini Medical School, and MacMEDucation. At school, she plays on the badminton and tennis teams, and is a part of the Student Ambassador club where she acts as a mentor and tutor to younger students. In her free time, Lauren works toward obtaining her black belt in karate, playing the drums, and volunteering in the Emergency and Day Surgery departments at her local hospital. This summer she can be found at the Public Health Ontario Labs researching gonorrhea. Ultimately, Lauren aspires to become a doctor, and through her involvement with Project Pulse, she hopes to inform and inspire like-minded peers about the amazing world of health sciences!

Panels Director

Jenny Chan is a grade 11 student at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School enrolled in the Health and Wellness/Biotechnology Specialist High Skills Major program. Her favourite subjects in school are biology, psychology and math, with a medical career being her goal since early childhood. In school, she participates in a variety of clubs with DECA, Science Olympics, and Tech Crew being the most prominent. Her hobbies include skiing, drawing, and playing the drums and piano. Currently, she works as a pharmacy assistant at Shoppers Drug Mart as well as a hobby artist accepting commissions. Jenny joined Project Pulse to educate both her peers and herself in what it means to be a Health Sciences student or a doctor. She hopes that through this experience, students would be able to discover, re-evaluate, and nurture their interests in the field of medicine.

Panels Director

Sharon Low is currently an 11th grade student studying at the University of Toronto Schools, Sharon is an avid learner with a passion for health sciences and food. Academically, her favourite subjects are world issues, physical education and english. Her interest in STEM has led her to participate in a wide range of activities such as the Waterloo Unlimited Program, Science Expo, and research at the University of Toronto. Sharon also enjoys volunteering at the St. John’s Rehab hospital, where she works as a meal-tray deliverer and as an administrative assistant for the program assistant. When she isn’t cramming AP chemistry material or working as a lifeguard, Sharon can be found organizing indigenous awareness activities for the school community, playing ball, or attempting to bake all sorts of desserts (which she’s good at making, but better at eating)! A firm believer in following one’s passion, Sharon is excited to join Project Pulse in helping more students discover and grow their interest in the field of Health and Life Sciences.