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Project Pulse  President

-Oversee all activities performed by Project Pulse executive members and manage team relations  

-Largely responsible for overall success of conference

-Able to pitch Project Pulse to a variety of people

-Strong leadership, communication,organizational and proffesional skills 



 In charge of recruiting and contacting the professionals coming in to speak in the Professional Panel

Responsible for attending the needs of professionals

University Panel Director 

In charge of recruiting and contacting and organizing the students for the University Panel

Responsible for attending the needs of University Panelists

Marketing DIRECTOR

Responsible for creating a strong marketing strategy ­to promote Project Pulse in the community ­

Contact media outlets (newspapers, radios etc) to give the opportunity to the general public ­

Must have be able to communicate professionally ability to call media outlets and schools ­ 

Responsible for attracting delegates from schools in the area.


Manage an operating budget to maintain financial health of Project pulse

Track, approve, and reimburse all financial transactions of the organization

Seek and develop creative cost-effective measures for the organization

Oversee the expenses of the logistics manager

 Previous experience in bookkeeping, managerial accounting, or fundraising is considered an asset when applying for this position.

External Relationships Director  

Solicits businesses and other organizations to sponsors and advertize for Project Pulse

Negotiates partnerships ­with a variety of organizations, universities etc.

Develops a new sponsorship package ­


Driving mind behind Project Pulse's design, marketing tone, and visualization

Design website, sponsorship packages, cover photos, etc. for Pulse

 Portfolio of work required, visuals of previous experience with website design and Photoshop are required.

Manages tech on the day of our events ­

Logistics Manager

Organize storage and distribution of goods.

In charge of logistics on the day of conference



Responsible for marketing Project Pulse in their area.

Helps with the organization and distribution of goods on the day of the conference

Helps to guide attendees and becomes a source where information the day of the conference



This is your chance to be part of a group of motivated individuals interested in advocating the field of health sciences in our community!