Interested in getting involved with Project Pulse Vancouver? Check out the different Executive positions we have available and send in your applications before April 25th (23:59). 

Make sure to fill out the application form and send in your resume to!

General Executive Duties and skills

-        Attend all online and in person meetings (most meetings will be held online via google hangout or skype)

-        Attend most events and the yearly conference

-        Maintain communication with other members of the team

-        Be able to frequently check Facebook and emails

-        Creativity and Organization

-        “Self-starter,” responsive, and adaptive to changes

-        Highly committed


Administrative Department

-        Graphics Director (x2)

o   Creating and designing all promotional material for our events

o   Including facebook designs as well as videos, brochures, name tags, posters, etc

o   Skills required

§  Experience with photoshop and video making

§  Must be a quick and efficient worker

§  Ability to make quick changes to our material

§  Creative

-        Finances Director (x1)

o   Dealing with budgeting and financial accounts

o   In charge of making or ensuring that large payments are dealt with

o   Apply to and securing grants

o   Skills required

§  Strong organizational skills

§  Must have experience in budgeting and finances

§  Strong finance discipline

-        Sponsorship Director (x2)

o   Dealing with sponsorship from companies

o   Obtaining partnerships with other youth ran organizations

o   Develop a new sponsorship package with sponsor guidelines

o   Skills required

§  Ability to constantly check emails and to directly approach stores

§  Must be executed professionally and communication must be effective

§  Must have experience in dealing with organizations and companies professionally.

-        Public Relations and Marketing Director (x2)

o   Maintain Project Pulse Vancouver’s presence in the community through contacting media outlets and large organizations

o   Help coordinate affiliations with local and national organizations

o   Writing articles and promotional material

o   Creating a strong marketing strategy

o   Promoting Project Pulse Vancouver’s name and events in our community

o   Managing all social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, Instagram,etc)

o   Develop and maintain information on our website

o   Skills required

§  Experience in marketing

§  Ability to update social media outlets

§  Creativity and organized

§  Professional Communication

§  Ability to visit local media outlets and large scale organizations


Conference Department

-        Conference Lead (x2)

o   Oversee all planning aspects of the 2017 Conference

o   Coordinate with all executives in Conference department and President to ensure a successful event

o   Skills required

§  Highly organized

§  Strong leadership qualities are necessary

§  Previous experience with conference planning preferred

§  Highly responsive to make quick decisions and asses needs

§  Adaptive

-        Speaker Panel Director (x2)

o   Collaborating professionals and university studentswho are interested in becoming a speaker at our annual conference and our small seminars.

o   Liaison on the day of the event and before hand.

o   Skills required

§  Professional and effective communication

§  Ability to reach out and seek for other opportunities

§  Strong awareness of opportunity

-        Recruitment Director (x2)

o   Approach schools across the Lower Mainland (Burnaby, Vancouver, Tricities, Surrey, etc) to recruit students

o   Arrange for in class presentations

o   Skills required

§  Professional communication skills with schools

§  Highly organized

§  Large number of connections is an asset

-        Logistics Director (x2)

o   In charge of logistics on the day of our events

o   Includes registration, venue seeking, looking for decorations, food and more

o   Skills required

§  Strong organizational skills

§  Strong communication skills to both the attendants and the team members

§  Highly discipline and responsible  


Programs Department

-        Field tour Director (x2)

o   Implement Lab tours and field tours at Research facilities 

o   Coordinate with Lab heads and students who wish to attend a lab tour

o   Skills required

§  Organizational skills

§  Professional communication

§  Additional Connections are an asset

-        Seminar Director (x2)

o   Host small seminar events across the lower mainland that target specific topics (scholarship, extracurriculars, university admissions; etc)

o   Manage all aspects of the events with the help of Administrative Team

o   Skills required

§  Experience in planning events

§  Organizational Skills

§  Professional Communication

§  Dynamic

Fundraising Department

-        Event Director (x2)

o   Plan separate fundraisers with the help of ambassadors

o   Small scale and large scale fundraisers

o   Ensure we receive enough funds to host our events and to donate to organization of choice

o   Skills required

§  Flexible hours to attend most fundraisers

§  Strong leadership to work with ambassadors

§  Creative in fundraising ideas

§  Responsible and Mature

§  Represent Project Pulse Vancouver in the community

§  Previous experience with fundraising events