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From Coast to Coast.

Project Pulse now offers conferences throughout Canada, from Vancouver all the way to Newfoundland

Project Pulse is an organization that strives to familiarize motivated students with the world of health sciences. Pulse hopes to offer yearly conventions throughout Canada that seeks to enrich and enlighten youth on the field of health sciences. These conferences establish connections with brilliant individuals,  a valuable network of health professionals and university representatives



Where you can find us

Toronto, ON

The biggest city in Canada has to have a Project Pulse conference. Our first conference here was in 2014 and we are absolutely ecstatic to be helping Canada's next generation of prospective healthcare workers navigate the health sciences field in the 6. 

Ottawa, ON

Pulse has expanded to the nation's capital. We could not be more excited to be here! Under the label of Project Pulse Spark we are excited to be organizing Pulse conferences for you!

Vancouver, BC 

Project Pulse in now on the West Coast! Pulse now stretches across our great country and we could not be more excited to be brining Pulse to British Columbia. We hope you guys learn lots and make sure to come check out our future conferences!

Waterloo, ON

This is where Project Pulse first started way back in 2013. Since then, we have expanded across the country but have never forgotten our roots in Waterloo. We are excited to be continuing Project Pulse conferences in our hometown. Hope you can make it out! 2018 conference tickets sold here:

CalgarY, AB

Calgary is an amazing and innovative city, so it was a no brainer to bring Pulse to the Rockies. We hope you enjoy our Project Pulse Conferences in Calgary operating under the Prism label. Can't wait to see and maeet all of you! 

...and more! 

We have even more locations! Pulse is across Canada with conference being also held in Winnipeg, Halifax and St. John's as well as starting undergraduate-level conferences at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON.



No Pulse conference where you live?

Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do!